Video Game Culture eV – Archive Lounge: SNES Marathon – Video

Video Game Culture eV - Archive Lounge: SNES Marathon - Video


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Once again we met in archive of the video game culture registered association and undertook a marathon together through a box full of Super Nintendo games. Altogether we play our way through fifteen titles of the 16-bit console. The games are randomly drawn from the box and changed after 10 minutes.

If you feel like playing one of the games yourself and live near Munich, you are welcome to contact us on May 28th. at the Pixel am Gasteig on the CSA Games Lounge to visit. From Saturday afternoon you can dive into the world of 16-bit video games with us on site.

The association “Videospielkultur eV” (VSK for short) was founded in 2006 and is committed to the political, academic and social recognition of video games as a valuable cultural asset. The goals of the association include social education and debate on the subject of video games as well as the storage and archiving of video games and hardware. Detailed information about the association, the current program of events, the statutes and contact options can be found on our home page or in our group Facebook. We would also be pleased if you contact us Twitter follows or ours YouTube-Subscribed to channel.

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