Warzone 2: First gameplay shown – video leak from Battle Royale surfaced

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First gameplay from Warzone 2 has been leaked. A clip about the new Battle Royale is currently circulating. Here you can see the leaked gameplay of Warzone 2.

Santa Monica, California – It’s finally here. Fans can apparently get their first look at gameplay from Warzone 2. Activision’s new battle royale is making waves in the community long before it’s released. Now came the first leak in the gameplay of Warzone’s successor. We take a look at the clip from Warzone 2.

name of the game Call of Duty: Warzone 2 (not officially confirmed yet)
release 2023 (not officially confirmed yet)
Publishers Activision
Row Call of Duty
developer Infinity Ward
platform PS5, Xbox Series X, PC (not officially confirmed yet)
genre First person multiplayer online shooter, battle royale
business model Free to play

Warzone 2: Gameplay leak shows first pictures – This is what the Battle Royale looks like

Where does the information come from? Warzone 2 leaked gameplay comes from Twitter. It was posted there by insider Tom Henderson – himself a well-known figure in the leaker scene and proven industry insider. He also recently reported a confusing leak about Warzone 2. Shortly after Henderson published the ten-second clip, however, it was removed by the author. However, in the comments under a later tweet, someone re-shared the video. We embed it here for you.

What to see The clip doesn’t show much gameplay from Warzone 2. Only a reload animation and one for looking at the weapon can be seen. Not much can be said about the graphics either, as the image quality is poor. But it can be guessed that Warzone 2 is based on Modern Warfare 2019 in terms of graphics. The map seems to be a bit more urban than Caldera. Map leaks for Warzone 2 indicated this fact in advance.

Warzone 2: Gameplay leaked – fans have their eyes on the new title

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When is the Warzone 2 gameplay from? Tom Henderson has information on this as well. According to him, the leaked gameplay dates back to November or December 2021. The scenes shown are at least six months old and do not represent the current state of development. Henderson wrote on Twitter: “looks pretty good for a game that has a year to go in development“. Based on this statement, fans suspect that Warzone 2 will be released in autumn 2022. This has not yet been confirmed, but it would suggest that it will appear hand in hand with the new CoD: Modern Warfare 2.

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