WoW: Ogogo vs. new players – does it need two dungeon finders?

Many players just want to get through the dungeon quickly. 

In the past, in the gray days of Classic, the dungeons in WoW were a special kind of group outing. People got together in the capital cities and traveled the world together to beat up any mobs and bosses for hours – in the hope of finding some loot and a lot Fun. But those times are over. Not even in WoW Classic or BC Classic could the feeling from back then come back.

Instead, the dungeons today are more of a means to an end. Whether leveling up, equipping or farming certain resources. There is hardly anything that the dungeons in WoW don’t play a role in. But instead of enjoying the fun of the path, many players focus only on the goal. You want the result (loot, XP or whatever) as quickly as possible, with as little effort as possible. The result: groups plowing through the dungeons at the speed of light, looking neither left nor right. And that’s perfectly okay too!

Many players just want to get through the dungeon quickly.

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Different intentions

However, there are still many players whose goal is not only the result, but also the way to get there. Especially returnees and newcomers might like to start a little more slowly, not only to see the beautifully designed dungeons, but also to get used to the game and to understand what actually happens in the dungeon in question.

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So you prefer to fight your way through the dungeon slowly and leisurely. Instead of fighting five groups at the same time, fight one after the other and not be afraid that they will be kicked if they don’t find the sprint button in time or just have a drink instead of banging buttons. And that’s perfectly okay too!

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Two philosophies don’t go together

Though Shadowlands is slowly but surely coming to an end, new players are joining and returning every day. Some are drawn to Dragonflight, others want to play through Shadowlands at least once in terms of story, and still others get lost in Azeroth for unknown reasons.

And it is precisely these players who seem to have an increasing problem with the ogogo mentality. Because while this mentality is lived out by only a few at the beginning of an expansion, the group of Pull!Pull! players is much larger at the end of an expansion. In the meantime, everyone knows the dungeons, knows about the dangerous spots and dares to play all bosses plus trash at the same time in every normal dungeon. Of course, it also plays a role that at the end of the addon, many players still add countless twinks. In percentage terms, there are therefore more Ogog players in the level dungeons than usual. This is at least indicated by the increasing number of “complaints” from new players in forums or social networks.

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