You will soon be able to try a new MMORPG for free, but you have to be quick

You will soon be able to try a new MMORPG for free, but you have to be quick

The MMORPG Fractured Online opens the gates of its closed beta to all interested players next week. Here’s how you can participate and what to expect.

This is Fractured: Fractured Online is an open world sandbox MMORPG that takes its inspiration from old school games like Ultima Online. The setting is classic medieval fantasy.

Played from an iso perspective, like Lost Ark or Diablo, the combat system is action-oriented, so you’ll need to aim your skills and attacks as you fight to make them effective.

The beta tests have been running continuously since April 6th. The players could explore the continent Aerhen, which consists of different biomes. Snowy mountains, steppe regions and active volcanoes offer variety and the players have to dress appropriately for any weather.

Fractured’s weather system is very detailed, and each biome has its own weather cycle. The game characters are differently sensitive to temperature fluctuations, depending on which race they belong to. They must therefore be dressed appropriately.

Until now, only Founder’s Pack owners could participate. So it cost at least €25.99 if you wanted to take part. That will change briefly next week.

Here’s how you can participate: In order to be able to play, you must first register a Glyph account here create. Once that’s done, you can go the official site of the MMORPG download the client.

  • The free week starts on May 25th
  • And ends on May 31st

So you have one week to test Fractured for free. Before or after, access to the beta will only be available through a Founder’s Pack. However, if you decide to continue playing, your progress from the free week will carry over and you won’t have to restart.

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When is Fractured coming out? There is no exact release date yet, but the MMORPG should appear in 2022. Since the closed beta has been running for some time now, a release at the end of 2022 is not unlikely.

Please note, however, that your progress from the closed beta will not be carried over. All characters and progress will be wiped before launch, so everyone will have to start over.

Are you going to try Fractured or are you already playing it? Tell us in the comments.

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