Hideo Kojima punishes Norman Reedus for leaking Death Stranding 2

Death Stranding

At Death Stranding opinions sometimes differ. The title of Kojima Productions is difficult to assign to a genre and is described as overrated or as a masterpiece in almost equal parts. After the 2019 release for the PS4 Extended versions for the followed in 2020 and 2021 personal computer and the PS5.

Since then, the game has become a bit quiet, it was never officially over future plans spoken. After main actor Norman Reedus a possible one in an interview recently second part blurted out, seems mastermind Hideo Kojima to confirm this indirectly.

Is a Death Stranding 2 coming?

It all started with one interview, which was released on May 17th. Darin speaks reedus especially about the Walking Dead and his life in recent years. It also briefly mentions “Death Stranding”. When asked about this, the actor only replies:

“We just started the second one.”

Since the topic is not further deepened afterwards, it remains unclear whether reedus really blabbed here, that behind the scenes a possible “Death Stranding 2” is already being worked on. The statement subsequently caused a lot of speculation, and now it is too Hideo Kojima even addressed this in a tweet:

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The post contains three pictures on which Kojima and Reedus you can see. In one of these, it looks like the Japanese developer is tackling the American actor with one from The Walking Dead baseball bat threaten. About this he writes:

“Go to your room, my friend.”

The post can therefore be read as if Kojima would punish Reedus for the fact that he secret information has betrayed. That would in turn mean that a “Death Stranding 2” is actually being worked on.

Until there is one official announcement there are only speculations left for fans. Known insider By the way, they were surprised, they obviously didn’t know anything about a possible second part.

Death Stranding 2: Is Kojima hiding a teaser here?

What do you say to that? Do you believe in “Death Stranding 2” and would you buy the game? Tell us in the comments!


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