Kirby 64: New bug doesn’t let you continue playing on the switch

Kirby 64: New bug doesn't let you continue playing on the switch

A new bug appears to have crept into Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards on the Nintendo Switch.

A Reddit user shared a video of this bug, which is actively preventing you from continuing to play in the Switch Online version.

reboot required

As you can see in the video, the bug causes Kirby to remain dazed forever when taking damage from certain sources in Kirby 64’s underwater sections or levels.

In the original version for the Nintendo 64 this was probably not a problem.

More on the subject:

There is currently no fix for the bug. The only option left to those affected is to end the level and start again.

Patience is required until Nintendo releases another new update for the N64 app on the Nintendo Switch and thus solves the problem in Kirby 64.

However, it is currently unclear when this can be expected. The latest update for the N64 app came out last week and brought Kirby 64 with it in the first place.

However, it can be assumed that Nintendo will solve the problem. In the past, various problems that appeared with N64 games on the switch were subsequently corrected with updates.

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