Leaked Starfield image shows restricted-access door

Leaked Starfield image shows restricted-access door

And again, a leaked image said to be from Starfield has surfaced online.

Even a door can be exciting

Not the deep space or the spaceships are shown in this leak. No, the picture shows a detail that we probably come across more often in Starfield: doors.

This may sound boring at first glance, but over 100 users have already commented on the Reddit post. The hype for the title is arguably so great that even a door gets people excited.

Only authorized personnel may enter the room behind this white door. Much more information can be derived from the door, not. Players will still have to wait for gameplay.

More news about Starfield:

Speaking of waiting, Starfield has been pushed back to 2023 along with Redfall due to developer Bethesda needing more time to develop. After all, the game should appear in the first half of the year.


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