MoMoCa 5/23/22: The Week of Prophecies – News

MoMoCa 5/23/22: The Week of Prophecies - News


Some game editors can almost be attested to have clairvoyant abilities. Looking at this week’s preview, it’s clear: a GamersGlobal employee has that power too!

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There are people who have the rare ability to see into the future. Sometimes more sometimes less. Dennis for example. This week he will provide you with incredible background knowledge and impressions of games that are still in the future. The preview offensive is real, also thanks to his student Hagen. So look forward to some previews, but of course we don’t want to forget about tests, as well as a column. And a little scolding, because there was only one (!) user question this week.

The timecodes of this episode:

  • 00:52 Hello and welcome from Hagen and Dennis
  • 01:38 Hagen has Trek to Yomi really finished now…
  • 03:18 …and is in Dark Souls 2 finally got further
  • 05:24 Dennis has far less time than requested in Elden ring spent…
  • 06:06 …and has his old love too Monster Hunter-Rise reignited
  • 07:10 If you want to wallow in nostalgia, then take a look at the SNES special from the associationVideospielkultur eV!
  • 08:03 The Sunday question in the recap: Which Soulsborne game is the best?
  • 14:09 The GG week in preview: We’re starting a big preview offensive The Quarry, The Lord of the Rings – Gollum, Metal – Hellsinger and Mario Strikers – Battle League Football. This is accompanied by a test Sniper Elite 5 and another new column by Christian Burtchen.
  • 23:13 Today there was only one user question, from Flooraimer: Which clan from the vampires-Universe we like best?
  • 27:01 Thanks for listening and see you next time!
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