One Piece: Roronoa Zoro – All 5 Pirate Hunter Swords, Their History and Tier

One Piece: The Wado Ichi Monji by Lorenor Zoro

Who the anime or the manga one piece loves is almost always a fan of pirate hunters as well Lorenor Zoroafter all, is the first member of the Straw Hat Pirates under Captain Monkey D Luffy always just behind the sympathetic hero with the rubber powers in every popularity contest.

Since he was at the very beginning of pirate epic the first time from Alvida was mentioned, has the Swordsman with the green hair experienced all kinds of adventures together with his friends and comrades, overcome difficult obstacles, defeated strong opponents and surpassed himself again and again on the way, the best swordsman in the world to become.

To Wa no Kuni Arc because of his extraordinary abilities he has an incredible bounty on his head 320,000,000 berries accumulated, making him one of the most dangerous pirates in the world of One Piece. He succeeded in this feat thanks to his unique Three Swords Style and of course because his swords are extremely high quality.

One Piece: All 5 Swords of Lorenor Zoro

In one piece could we a total of five notable swords owned by Zorro see him all at really epic battles have stood by. In this Special we want to introduce you to these five weapons, tell you how Zorro came into possession of them, what makes these weapons so unique and what else you need to know about them.

In the world of One Piece there is theory 163 ranked swords, which are considered particularly sharp and dangerous. Starting with the 80 skill swords (The Sharpened), followed by the 50 master swords (The well sharpened), finally the 21 King Swords (The sharp ones) and finally the 12 dragon swords (The sharpest of the sharp).

©Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/Toei Animation

Wado Ichi Monji

The pirate hunter’s most famous sword goes by the name Wado Ichi Monjiwhich roughly translates to The one way to harmony means. Zoro already possesses this weapon when he first encounters Luffy, and it is likely that he does his most prized possession is. No wonder, because this was once his childhood friend’s sword Kuina.

The swordsman’s teacher’s daughter Koshiroin whose dojo Zoro was also a student, was always superior to the young Zoro and could him in 2,000 duels defeat every single time. However, since she was sure that as an adult she would never be able to become as strong as a full-grown man, she made Zorro promise that he would instead of her the best swordsman in the world will.

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Not long after this promise, the girl died after she accidentally fell down a flight of stairs was. The heartbroken Zorro then asked Kuina’s father to give him his dead daughter’s sword so that he could keep his promise. Since then the gun is one faithful companion of the pirate and a reminder of his dream.

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The Wado Ichi Monji is one of the 21 king’s swords and therefore extremely valuable and sought after. It should be around on the market 20,000,000 berries be worth. Which is not surprising since this deadly weapon was created by the famous swordsmith Shimotsuki Kozaburo made by Kuina’s grandfather, who also forged the sword Enma.

  • rank: Top notch
  • type: Thick metal, painted white
  • hardness line: Smooth
  • special feature: One of the 21 King’s Swords
One Piece: The 3rd Generation Kitetsu by Lorenor Zoro
©Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/Toei Animation

Third generation kitetsu

At the beginning of One Piece, Zoro also possessed the Wado Ichi Monji two regular katanas, which were unnamed and not particularly exciting or worth mentioning in any way apart from their owner. Accordingly, it was not surprising when these two weapons were used in a fight against Dracule Mihawk were broken.

Zoro found replacements for these lost weapons in the city Loguetownwhere he is at the arms dealer fir got two new swords, this is one of them Third generation kitetsuwhat also as 3rd generation demon splitter is known. The weapon comes from a line of swords forged by the Kitetsu family.

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Tenguyama Hitetsuwhich we in the Wa no Kuni Arc is a descendant of that family and at his home, Luffy discovers that too Second generation Kitetsu. Like all swords from this family series, the new sword is also from Zorro cursed and brought death to all its previous owners.

Not much is known about this curse, but Zoro confirmed that the sword will likely cause problems for him one day. To find out if he worthy of the weapon is, Zoro threw the third generation kitetsu in the air and stretched out his arm due to the fall curve however, the gun missed his body and he was unharmed.

  • rank: Third rate
  • type: Black and White Blade
  • hardness line: Waves
  • special feature: One of the 80 skill swords, cursed
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One Piece: The Yubashili by Lorenor Zoro
©Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/Toei Animation


A Master of the three swords fighting style is of course not sufficiently armed with two swords and so he needed another weapon besides the Kitetsu of the third generation to be able to fight properly again. Impressed by Zoro’s skills and courage, Tanne, the gun shop owner, gave him his as a gift family heritage.

It was about that Yubashilione of the 50 master swords in One Piece, its complete scabbard and blade with a covered in black lacquer became. This weapon stabbed with hers light weight out and surprised Zoro Whiskey Peak with the ability to easily glide through the air.

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Unfortunately, this sword didn’t stay in the possession of the first member of the Straw Hat Pirates for very long, because auf Enie’s lobby it became in the fight with the Navy Captain Shuu destroyed because of the Rust Fruit ate and could just let Zoro’s weapon rust. Zoro proved to the Yubashili in the Graveyard on Thriller Bark the last honor.

  • rank: Second rate
  • type: Sealed with black lacquer
  • hardness line: Waves
  • special feature: One of the 50 Master Swords, destroyed
One Piece: The Shusui by Lorenor Zoro
©Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/Toei Animation


Because the second sword that Zoro used after his fight hawk eye acquired was destroyed, it was really only a matter of time before he would find a weapon better suited to a dedicated swordsman like himself. Then it came to him Shuusui (Reines Herbstwasser), just right, but at that time it was still owned by Shimotsuki Ryuma.

Ryuma was one of Wa no Kuni’s finest samurai and went by the nicknames Legendary Samurai and sword god. When his remains were stolen, and with him the Shuusui, the country fell into a deep national mourning. However, this way Zoro was able to pick up the corpse of the samurai thriller bark fight and finally defeat after a demanding duel.

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Just like the Wado Ichi Monji is the Shuusui one of the 21 king’s swords and according to pirate hunter Zorro so resistantthat even a dinosaur could stand on the blade without bending even a millimeter. Also, it is mentioned that the weapon heavier than the Yubashili may be.

  • rank: Top notch
  • type: Not specified
  • hardness line: Waves
  • special feature: One of the 21 King’s Swords, National Treasure of Wa no Kuni
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One Piece: The Enma by Roronoa Zoro
©Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/Toei Animation


The sword enma was after ruler of hell named and formerly owned by Kouzuki odesa nobleman from Wa no Kuni who was once with Gold D Roger was traveling in the New World and even the island Laugh Tale has reached. After his death, Enma, who once left Forged by Shimotsuki Kozaburo became, in the possession of HiyoriOden’s daughter, via.

Hiyori exchanged the sword however, with Lorenor Zoro against Shuusui in order to be able to bring the national treasure back home. Contrary to Ame no Habakiri, another of Oden’s swords, Enma’s scabbard is black, but the floral pattern and guard plate are the same. Together these two swords embody heaven and hell.

This extremely powerful weapon can only be obtained from extraordinary swordsmen be guided, since it forces its owner with every cut, against his will a large amount of armor haki release, which increases the attack enormously, but also normal fighters removes all energy.

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In fact, before Zoro, only Oden himself was able to tame this beast. But the green-haired pirate hunter now has one destructive weaponcapable of severing an entire stretch of coast and even a powerful creature like Kaido to injure, which would be impossible with normal swords.

Tenguyama Hitetsu stated that theoretically Zoro should be able to to raise the quality of Enma even furtherpermanently blackening the weapon, giving the King’s Sword the rank of dragon sword obtained, becoming one of the most powerful weapons in all of One Piece.

  • rank: Top notch
  • type: Not specified
  • hardness line: Waves
  • special feature: One of the 21 King’s Swords, drains energy from the wielder