Pokémon GO Tries To Placate Trainers With New Weekly Box – “It Won’t Last Long”

Pokémon GO Tries To Placate Trainers With New Weekly Box - "It Won't Last Long"

In Pokémon GO, the contents of the weekly event box have changed, but many Trainers aren’t thrilled at all. We at MeinMMO have looked at which items you can now get out of the box and what bothers the community about it.

What boxes are you talking about? Every week you will receive a special event box in the Pokémon GO in-game shop. You can access this once a week and it is always available from Monday.

The special box costs one PokéCoin once and has brought you a valuable long-distance raid pass week after week. Now, however, Niantic would like to let you raid more locally and has therefore changed the contents of the box.

These are the contents of the new box

The new event box can be called up in the game just in time for the start of the week. Instead of the usual long-distance raid pass, you can now find three super incubators there. These let your eggs incubate twice as fast as is the case with the normal incubator.

New content in the weekly box

And also with regard to the value of the individual items, the new box brings you a significant improvement. While the Remote Raid Pass can be purchased in the in-game shop for 100 PokéCoins, you would have to put down 600 coins for the three Super Incubators. But what do the trainers say about the new items? We’ll show you.

How do the coaches find the new box?

Even if the new box is equipped with a much higher quality at first glance, most trainers are not particularly happy with the contents.

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Why are the trainers not convinced by the new box?

Remote Raid Passes: The reason for this is primarily the changes made by Niantic in relation to the long-distance raid passes. These were introduced as part of the corona pandemic so that trainers could also participate in raids from home due to quarantine or curfews.

And even after the loosening, this item continued to be used actively by numerous trainers. Now Niantic wants to send the trainers outside more and has raised the prices for the long-distance raid passes. With the additional elimination of the weekly box, coaches are only able to invest money in the special passes.

Contents of the eggs: But the super incubators also cause little enthusiasm among the players. Even if you get to the contents of your eggs twice as fast, the trainers have been criticizing the different eggs for a long time. Especially about the 12 km eggs, there is a lot of abuse.

This is mainly due to the chances of getting certain Pokémon. For the most part, rather uninteresting monsters hatch from the individual eggs, while other specimens such as Ganovil are rather difficult to obtain. For many, the incubators are now less interesting.

Pokémon GO: Hatch Eggs in April 2022 – contents of the 2, 5, 7, 10 and 12 Eggs

These are the reactions of the reddit community

The criticism of the changes to the long-distance raid passes and the incubators, which are uninteresting from the point of view of many trainers, are also reflected in the reactions of the reddit community. In addition, some users cannot believe that these boxes have such a high value in the long term and suspect that Niantic only released them to initially appease the players.

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So you can read the following in the comments (via reddit.com):

  • Isthiscreativeenough: “Well sure that’s worth 600 coins and a remote raid pass is worth 100 coins. I wonder how many more times Niantic will bite the bullet. Maybe twice”
  • theunworthyviking: “It won’t last long”
  • gnpfrslo: “Just because the nominal value is higher doesn’t mean that it has more real value.
    I have no problem running 2-10km in a day or so. I’m having a lot of trouble running to a level 5 or mega raid that has enough people to actually give me a chance to win. That’s why I’ve never spent a single coin on buying incubators, but I’ve spent coins on buying 3 remote raid passes many times and even bought individual passes for emergencies a few times. Also, come on, are you saying you like the egg pool more than the raid pool in general?”
  • hhhydrah_: “Yeah, Super Incubators are cool, but some people would rather have a chance to catch a Legendary than hatch a useless egg.”
  • buschbar: “I suspect they are trying to distribute incubators to incentivize players to turn on Adventure Sync so they can get more location data.”
  • redlurk47: “This is so we forget about the remote raid passes and they slowly make the weekly box worse and worse until it’s just balls and revives”
  • Alice_Sliva: “The question is how long before they start supplying us with inferior products.”

The developers have already announced in their blog post that it will probably not stay with the three super incubators forever. It was announced that there will be a “changing selection of items” in the weekly box from May 23, 2022 (via pokemongolive.com). It remains to be seen how good these items will be in the future.

Survey shows – This is how you mainly raid

The results of our survey also show that the adjustments to long-distance raid passes are a big topic. On May 20th we wanted to know from you how you mainly raid. As of May 23, 2022 at 10:35 a.m., a total of 3,142 readers took part in our survey and voted as follows:

  • 93% (2,909 votes) for “Via Remote Raid”
  • 7% (233 votes) for “In normal raid groups”
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Here’s what you think of the change: As the result clearly shows, the majority of you mainly participate in long-distance raids. You also let us know what you think about the changes in the comments on MeinMMO:

  • Ingo: “Only rip-off!!! Niantic has noticed that brings real money. The players are getting bolder and bolder.”
  • 7/14/2016: “Everything seems to be going against the player. Only cons, never anything positive.
    Will only use the remote raid pass for some stupid new critters, but only 1x for the DEX. Where are the EX Raids??? In addition, all of our raid groups have dissolved, so it’s all quark.”
  • angelika: “It would be nice if all this weren’t contradictory: go out to meet other people…you don’t need to meet anyone, do PvP. Get moving… use Lure Modules and stay in the same spot for 90 minutes. Find friends worldwide… but you can’t swap, together we make raids expensive for you. At the end of the day, it’s all about the money.”

What do you think of the Super Incubators in the weekly event box? Do you wish the remote raid pass back in the weekly box? Or do you prefer to play on site anyway? Let us know in the comments.

The Pokémon GO Fest 2022 will start in a few days. We’ll show you everything you should know about the ticket, the Shinys and the content.