Sniper Elite: Board Game will be released in June, available for pre-order now

Sniper Elite: Board Game will be released in June, available for pre-order now

While developer Rebellion’s Sniper Elite 5 is coming to PC and consoles this week, you’ll soon be able to play Sniper Elite on your desktop at home.

Sniper Elite: The Board Game will be released in June, pre-orders for the tabletop implementation of the series are now possible.

One sniper against all

According to Rebellion, the stealth-action tabletop game is suitable for one to four players, and of course the gameplay is picked up from the video games.

You must sneak up on your enemies as unnoticed as possible and complete your objectives without being spotted or killed by your opponents.

More Sniper Elite news:

One player plays the sniper Karl Fairburne, known from the Sniper Elite games, while up to three other players take over the Axis troops.

“The sniper remains hidden by tracking his movements on a hidden panel and carefully approaching the map targets set by Allied HQ,” it says. “The sniper’s greatest asset is discretion, while knowing when to shoot. This can be the key to victory.”

Sniper Elite: The Board Game comes with ten miniatures and includes a double-sided game board with two different maps. If you can’t find any other players, you can use the solo rules and deal with them on your own.

A look at the Sniper Elite board game.

There are also optional rule variations and the ability to increase or decrease the level of difficulty through challenges.

Right at the start of sales, Eagle’s Nest is an expansion with two additional maps and alternative allied snipers with unique abilities and miniatures.

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Pre-orders of Sniper Elite: The Board Game are open now right at rebellion possible.

Sniper Elite 5 will be released again on May 26, 2022 for PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It will also be launched in Xbox Game Pass.