Stranger Things 4 with extra long episodes & video shows the first 8 minutes

Fans had to wait three years for the continuation of StrangerThings waiting. Next Friday it’s finally time! The first 7 episodes (volume 1) of the fourth season will be available from May 27th at Netflix be available. The last two episodes (volume 2) will finally follow on July 1st. Just before the start of season 4 there are two more surprises.

Stranger Things 4: Netflix releases the first 8 minutes

For those who can hardly stand the tension, the streaming service published a few days ago eight minute video of the new season in which dr Brenner and the Children of Hawkins National Laboratory play a central role.

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It’s a bit of torture, because you want to continue watching straight away. But well, it’s almost time.

Feature length episodes

Around the same time as the video, the Netflix companion website announced Tudumthat some consequences from Stranger Things 4 extra long should be. In detail this means:

The last two episodes of Volume 2 are almost four hours long. (For the real geeks out there, Episode 407 is 1 hour, 38 minutes; Episode 408 is about 1 hour, 25 minutes; and 409 is almost two and a half hours.)”

All in all, this amounts to about 13 hours total playing time! With that is Season 4 the longest so far – not only concerning the waiting time. But apparently that was just an exception.

Will we see the Stranger Things finale anytime soon?

As was also known – but some time ago – the fifth and final season the mystery series already in the coming year appear. Whether this actually comes true remains to be seen. In any case, the makers sound very confident – ​​even what that Theme spin off regards.

StrangerThingsStranger Things: Series makers have initial ideas for possible spin-offs

Accordingly, both the series creators Matt and Ross Duffer and Netflix can certainly imagine one (or more) offshoots of the successful series to produce. ideas exist however, specific details are not yet known. But hey, “Stranger Things” isn’t over yet.

Now we are just curious how it is with Eleven and her friends; Hawkings and the upside down; and Sheriff Hopper goes on. The pictures published so far are very promising.

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