TFT Guide: Cheat Sheet for Set 7 “Dragon Lands” and all new champions

TFT Set 7 Cheat Sheet

In LoL Auto Chess Teamfight Tactics, a new Set 7 called “Dragonlands” will appear in June. We have put together an overview of the new champs and current cheat sheets for you.

What changes with Set 7? With the new set, the focus is placed on the dragons. A total of seven dragons are introduced, five of which are only known from lore. These dragons have never existed in League of Legends.

Another big addition is the Treasure Dragon, which replaces an NPC battle as the game progresses. This brings some items with it and even lets you roll the dice again if you don’t like the offer.

Something is also happening with the Hextech Augments. The basic procedure is retained, but there are new augments. In addition, the rounds in which they spawn are different. In set 7 these are: 2-1, 3-2 and 4-2.

Otherwise, the update brings 54 champions into play, all of which differ from the old Set 6. A complete overview of the changes to Set 7 can be found here:

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Cheat Sheet for Set 7

What are cheat sheets? Cheat sheets should help you to get an overview of the current situation in the game. They show you which champions have a certain origin or class, what synergies these attributes bring or how items are combined.

Cheat sheet for the champions: The Cheat Sheet from Riot Games itself offers a good overview of the champions, origins and classes. There you will find the most important things at a glance.

Cheat sheet for the items: The items don’t change that much, apart from the adjustments to the spatula items. We will add a cheat sheet here as soon as it becomes available.

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Cheat sheet as ingame overlay: At the beginning of 2020 we already introduced you to various tools where you can see the cheats ingame. This makes playing a lot easier for you. You can often even create templates to put together the right champions for early, mid and endgame.

Although the tools will sometimes take a little time to update, we again recommend using TFTactics or

If you want to start with TFT at all, we recommend our beginner tips for LoL Auto Chess.