The new hydration drinks from LevlUp – the perfect thirst quencher [Anzeige]

The new hydration drinks from LevlUp - the perfect thirst quencher [Anzeige]

Gaming drinks are still the absolute hype topic in the German gaming scene. Leader LevlUp is now taking the next step and making the hearts of the community beat faster. After powders that you can mix yourself, the long-awaited addition to the gaming drink universe is finally coming to German supermarkets with a ready-to-drink version.

The company LevlUp

Known for its unique drinks and cooperations with the biggest streamers in Germany such as Trymacs, UnsympathischTV or Stylerz, LevlUp is by far the most popular gaming drink in Europe today. The mission of the LevlUp team is clear: to support gamers all over the world in their performance and to provide them with great flavors.

It all started with the Gaming Booster, which took the gaming community by storm in recent years and became a role model for an entire industry. Right from the start, LevlUp won over its customers with unusual flavors, outstanding design and a flair for the community.

The community is particularly important to LevlUp. Wishes for iced teas or drinks without caffeine were read from the eyes of LevlUp fans – now ready-to-drink products have been at the top of the wish list for a long time.

The drink for gamers, order now!

The ready-to-drink hydration drinks

Now the wait is over! With the three bestsellers Galaxy, Nuke and Bubble Boom, ready-to-drink hydration drinks from LevlUp are now available in supermarkets for the first time. This is a small revolution for the retail trade: finally new flavors and not the standard run-of-the-mill drinks.

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The tastes Galaxy (a great fruit mix of açaí, blueberries and pomegranate), nuke (a refreshing combination of lime and blue raspberries) and bubble boom (with classic bubble gum flavor) is now available ready to drink in a 500 ml bottle. But that’s not all…

More than a soft drink

The hydration drinks not only offer a refreshing taste experience and unprecedented flavor, they are also a much better alternative to common soft drinks.

No sugar – The LevlUp Hydration Drinks have no sugar despite their great taste. This means you can enjoy them anytime and anywhere without a guilty conscience.

No caffeine – Caffeine was deliberately avoided in the hydration drinks. They are therefore also suitable for gamers who want to avoid caffeine in their diet or who want to treat themselves to a refreshing drink from LevlUp during late sessions.

With vitamins and minerals – Thanks to the added vitamins and minerals, the hydration drinks go one step further than classic soft drinks. The special formula with 4 vitamins and 4 minerals is intended to ensure that not only the fluid balance is optimally replenished.

Almost no calories – By avoiding sugar and other additives, LevlUp hydration drinks have almost no calories. This makes them suitable for anyone who wants to watch their diet without sacrificing good taste.

Zero sugar, zero caffeine and the added vitamins and minerals make the LevlUp Hydration Drinks in combination with the unprecedented flavors the perfect thirst quencher. This makes them just the thing for that one thirst that classic soft drinks often can’t quench.

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From now on in the supermarket

In addition to the usual distribution via the company’s own online shop, the LevlUp flavor can also be found in German supermarkets for the first time. The hydration drinks are already represented in several hundred markets and new ones are added every day.

As the first ready-to-drink gaming drink without caffeine, a drink from the gaming community has made it into supermarket chains in Germany for the first time.

Convince yourself

If you are interested in LevlUp hydration drinks and want to try the LevlUp flavor for yourself, you should definitely visit your local supermarket. LevlUp is working flat out to bring the hydration drinks to every supermarket in your area.

The best way to find out whether the bottles are already available in your area is to use the store finder on But no worry! For those who still have to be patient, the bottles will of course continue to be offered via the online shop.

Which level is next?

It remains exciting for #teamlevlup and staying tuned is worth it. The supermarket around the corner from you, other bestsellers in the form of ready-to-drink hydration drinks or the next product innovation will certainly not be long in coming.

The perfect thirst quencher from LevlUp!