Twitch: changing names, is that even possible?

Change twitch username desktop

Who doesn’t know it: You create an account, the years go by and at a certain point the user name just doesn’t fit anymore. Especially on the platform Twitteron which regularly the Names read out along with the chat message become, this could perhaps problem will.

But don’t worry, to a certain extent it absolutely is possible to change his username or adapt and we’ll show you how to do it here!

How can I change the name on Twitch?

There are two options when changing the name: Only the Change display name – Since you only fit the Large and lower case of the username as you ultimately want it to appear on Twitch.

Easily change the name in the app

And then there’s the option to Change username completely. For both you go to the apartment After logging in, do the following:

  • Open the menu via the profile picture in the top left
  • Then tap on “Account Settings”
  • In the settings menu, the first option should be “Account” with the sub-items “Profile” and “Subscriptions”. This will take you to the account settings
  • Then you tap on “Edit profile” and you can change the profile picture as well as the user name or customize the display of the name.

How to change the name of the desktop version

The Twitch username on the personal computer changing is hardly more complicated than in the app. Here’s what you need to keep in mind once you’ve signed up:

  • Click on the profile picture on the top right of the picture to open the menu
  • Then open the “Creator Dashboard” – There are significantly more settings and information here than in the app, both for the profile and for streaming
  • Click on the “Settings” tab and then on “Channel”
  • You should now be on this page and be able to easily change or customize the username:
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Watch out! Changing the name should be well thought out, because Twitch only lets you every 60 days such a change to. The name will exchanged immediately and is then for everyone friends and followers visible on Twitch.

The old username becomes after six months added back to the pool of available usernames. That is, the name for that time reserved remains in case you change your mind.

The only ones limitations for the change of name is, among other things, that a verified email address is required – If it has not yet been confirmed, you will be prompted to do so. In addition, the new name must of course free be, after all, you can’t just take someone else’s name away.

It is also possible that the new name will still be in the six-month reservation or (as Twitch calls it) recycling process located and the message “sorry Unless you have a time machine…“ appears. Even then, unfortunately, you have to think of a different name.

Everything else about renaming and name recycling can be found in the Twitch Policies.

And while we’re on the subject of guidelines – Twitch has recently agreed to this Hot Tub Streams:

TwitterTwitch: Is the End of Hot Tub Streams Near?