V Rising explodes on Steam, already over 500,000 players

V Rising explodes on Steam, already over 500,000 players

From time to time there is in the real high-flyers in the gaming scene. Most of the time the success is quite predictable as with titles like Elden ring. But not only big blockbuster games with a gigantic budget can achieve this high-flyer status.

In the indie scene it happens every now and then that a game builds up a really big fan base in a very short time due to the idea.

We can do that using the example of Stardew Valley recognize. But also Minecraft was a handmade indie game in the distant past. And both games are now an integral part of the video game landscape.

A new hit hit on Steam: V Rising

Currently we can new trend watch that goes in a similar direction or at least comes up with fantastic user ratings and numbers on Valve’s game distribution platform.

V Rising creates what many game developers only dream of. Within a very short time, the game achieved a top ranking among the top 10.

Last weekend the new Early Access game from Stunlock Studios reached the remarkable 500,000 player mark. This is all user accountsthat the game has to offer.

At the same time, the title booked over 150,000 concurrent playerswho gambled the title over the weekend. On Sunday evening there were a total of 150,645 users and the game was over 10,000 times positive rated. The Early Access phase started on May 17, 2022.

What is V Rising game?

For starters, in V Rising we can farm resources and pompous vampire castles build, in which we all sorts of things for the vampire everyday life crafting.

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Housing allows you to build a castle. © Stunlock Studios

Next it is necessary to relieve creatures and people with our bloodsucking abilities of their valuable goods. Her blood helps us to ensure our survival, which gives us improvements at the same time as with a class system.

In addition to the survival aspect, an extensive one awaits skill system waiting for your discovery as you progressively uncover the entire map and unravel the mysteries of V Rising.

By the way, you can play solo or alternatively in the online co-op. And on top of that there is even the possibility to play against other vampire counts online in PvP to compete

It should be mentioned that “V Rising” is currently only playable on PC and only via Steam. But the good thing is that the system requirements are not particularly high. So it runs on many setups.