V Rising Map: Interactive map shows you all resources and where to find them

V Rising Map interactive mapgenie bosses and blood roses

The new survival game V Rising is a huge hit on Steam. But many wonder where to find specific resources they need to ascend. Some helpful players have now created interactive maps that show everything important.

What is this map? The interactive map for V Rising shows you where you can find resources and bosses. Corresponding deposits are marked on the map. Players are currently recommending two versions of the map:

New players and power gamers who want to progress as quickly as possible benefit from the maps the most. You also have an advantage with them on PvP servers, because you can find what you are looking for faster and get better equipment sooner.

Here you can find all information about V Rising in 2 minutes:

All information about the new vampire survival MMO “V Rising” on Steam – in 2 minutes

However, the maps do not do all the work for you, you will only find raw materials and bosses there.

Interactive Map for V Rising – All resources at a glance

How do I use the maps correctly? You can use different filters to set exactly what you want to look for. If you are missing certain resources like copper or don’t know where to get iron, you can easily look them up.

At mapgenie.io you will find pure resources that you can mine. The Vrising-Map.com shows you in which area you can find which items. Also, here you can find the location of all portals to travel faster.

You can easily find V-Blood carriers via the maps. These are the bosses of V Rising, which you have to hunt for new recipes and abilities. With the map from Vrising-Map.com you even know which spells you are learning from the corresponding boss.

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Normally you have to start a hunt through the altar of blood and then pursue your prey. If you’re not interested in the mechanics and just want to progress quickly, you can easily find the blood through the map. Keep in mind: Some bosses are patrolling and cannot be found directly at the marker.

What do the maps not provide? You still have to refine the raw materials yourself. Animal skins, for example, still have to be tanned into leather. In case you don’t know how to do that, it’s that easy to get leather in V Rising.

Also, you can’t do one of the most important features of the game via the map. Blood types with different effects are crucial to your strength and the build you play.

Depending on which blood you drink, you get different buffs or better servants. However, the maps do not (yet) show where you are most likely to find which blood group. Maybe that’s still to come, although there are many blood types all over the world anyway.

By the way, if you play solo or on your own server, you can easily make sure that your resources last longer and you don’t have to constantly fight against time or wait:

V Rising: This is how you solve the forced waiting problem that annoys many players with the Steam hit