Aerith cosplay from Final Fantasy 7 shows you her flower meadow

Aerith cosplay from Final Fantasy 7 shows you her flower meadow

In June the time has come: then celebrate Square Enix the official 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII and finally wants to announce new information about the second part of the remake. Until then, we can once again deal with one of the most important questions of this role-playing classic: Tifa or Aerith?

Already 25 years ago when Final Fantasy VII landed impressively on the PlayStation with its three discs, this question was part of many discussions between fans of the role-playing game. who cloud accompanied on his journey knows that the choice is almost impossible: even actor Robert Pattinson couldn’t decide between the two characters until today. This beautiful cosplay could tip the scales though.

This Aerith cosplay finally wants to end the competition with Tifa

Cosplayer RoseSnap has dressed up quite a bit to show you that Aerith is definitely the right choice. The adorable flower girl in her simple pink dress and striking red jacket seems to have left the slums of Midgar and jumped right into real life.

Admittedly, the garden seen in the background is pretty, but it doesn’t compare to the stunning one flower meadow keep up with the Church in Sector 5. RoseSnap has a yellow lily ready for this, with which she can certainly win Cloud’s heart immediately. At least if he doesn’t only have eyes for this equally gorgeous Tifa cosplay.

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Cosplays to marvel at and forget about time

If your brain is busy with the impatient waiting for news about the Final Fantasy VII Remake busy, then you might want to put off deciding between Tifa and Aerith and check out other impressive cosplays. For example, how about Zelda from Breath of the Wild, who has also made herself comfortable in a meadow?