Asus’ first 500Hz monitor makes wild esports dreams come true

Asus' first 500Hz monitor makes wild esports dreams come true

Fast is no longer an expression that does justice to this gaming monitor. The Asus ROG Swift impresses with a refresh rate of 500Hz.

Frame rate on steroids

The screen was presented at Computex 2022 and is particularly suitable for professional or at least very passionate players of e-sports titles such as Valorant, CS:GO or maybe soon Overwatch 2.

The ROG Swift achieves its record value with the help of a TN panel. The technology enables fast frame rates and is also quite cheap. However, the panel does not score with its color reproduction and viewing angle stability.

The monitor is only available in 24 inches and a 1080p resolution and is G-Sync compatible and supports the G-Sync E-Sports Mode as well as the Reflex Analyzer – of course only if you have a suitable GPU and mouse.

Difference only detectable in slow motion

The higher the frame rate, the smoother the image. Many gaming screens therefore almost always support 144Hz, slightly more expensive models even manage up to 360Hz.

That begs the question of how much the world really needs a 500Hz screen. This overkill value is really only really useful in a handful of games and also requires quite strong hardware in order to bring the 500 Hz to the screen in a stable manner.

In a video, Nvidia shows that the 500Hz can pay off in fast shooters. In the slowed down scenes, the 144Hz used as the lowest comparison value just looks really dirty.

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There is no price for the niche product yet.