Destiny 2: Weekly Reset on 5/24 – Ignite the fire of Solar 3.0

Destiny 2: Weekly Reset on 5/24  - Ignite the fire of Solar 3.0

Destiny 2 is sending the guardians to the moon today, because there is the old Leviathan from Season 17 at the start Calus arrived. As the vanguard moves the HELM operations center to lunar orbit, MeinMMO tells you what’s going on in the first week of the season.

This is happening this week: A gigantic “eater of worlds” has arrived in Destiny 2’s Sol system. Once the magnificent ship of the Cabal Emperor Calus, the Pyramid of the Moon now answers the Leviathan’s call. Tonight, therefore, not only the guardians will have to face their evil spirits. Crow, Caiatl and Commander Zavala are also plagued by old memories that they regret to this day.

In addition to new weapons and armor, the guardians become “reapers” and try to master their solar scythe between nightmare and opulence in order to perhaps fathom the secret of the “crown of sorrows”.

This trailer provides a first fiery foretaste of the new content of Season 17:

Destiny 2 shows the new season in the crazy trailer – “You become the destroyer of fear”

The most important information about activities from 24.02. until 31.03.

Vanguard: Dawn: The Crucible

The Dawn: The Crucible is this week’s Strike:

  • proving groundin the land armor on Nessus
    • Proving themselves on Cabal battlegrounds, the Guardians have thrashed through the ranks of the Cabal to finally face the Empress’ champion in the “final test.” But he throws aim-seeking solar balls around and uses his cabal bubble for protection.
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Playlist strikes have these modifiers:

  • Arc Singe
  • stasis burn
  • iron
  • The Singe modifier stays with you throughout the week, the others change daily.

New Dusk Weapons in Season 17: The new Season of the Haunted also brings new Dusk weapons to the rotation. Bungie is bringing two already well-known, older weapons out of retirement:

  • The Minimum Horror Pulse Rifle
  • and the handgun “TVO”
The Pulse Rifle “Des Horrors MINIMUM”

These weapons remained in the rotation from Season 16:

  • The Hothead, Arc Missile Launcher
  • Silicon Neuroma – .72 Kinetic Sniper Rifle
  • Plug-One.1 – Arc Fusion Rifle
  • Compulsory – 600 Kinetic Auto Rifle

We don’t yet know which of these weapons will drop at the start of Season 17 at dusk. However, as soon as we know, we’ll be happy to update this article for you.

Endgame: Raid Challenges

That happens in the raidThe student’s oath“:

  • In the raid of the “Oath of the Apprentice” you should this week the challenge “Basic Information” survive. So if you have collected an icon for the obelisk, you are not allowed to exceed the “Increased Knowledge” buff.
  • As a reward for completing the Grandmaster Raid Encounter challenge this week, there is a chance for a master version of the Submachine Gun Submission, Grenade Launcher Forbearance, Linear Fusion Rifle Catastrophic, or Pulse Rifle Insidious. . But keep in mind that hard and normal mode share the loot.

Destiny 2: All 7 weapons from the new raid “Oath of the Apprentice” – That’s how strong they are

That happens in the raidGlass chamber“:

  • The Atheon Challenge takes place in the Glass Chamber “Ensemble Refrain” instead of. Note that each teleported player can only shoot one oracle per turn.
  • Challenge Mode rewards you with the Time-Lost Corrective Action weapon. A machine gun buffed in Season 17.
  • The weapon is then guaranteed to come with 2 perks per slot. But always remember that hard and normal mode share the loot.
  • Armor Focusing in this week’s Vault of Glass raid: —
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Weekly Activities

Savathun’s Throne World – Weekly campaign mission

  • “The ghosts”
    • The Guardians have discovered traces of a spirit pointing to Sagira. Can the dead spirit of Osiris help solve the mystery of Savathun? But in order for the memory to be uncovered, you must first find him.

Crucible – These are the PvP playlists:

  • private match
  • rumble
  • control
  • elimination
  • Glory Survival
  • Glory Survival: Freelance
  • dynamic control

Ascendant Challenge – Dreaming City

  • Petra Venj has the 3rd Ascendant Challenge for you this week. You can find Petra and her quest offer at the Divalian Mists location in the Dreaming City. The City of the Awakened enters the second tier of corruption.

Sources of pinnacle loot in Destiny 2 Season 17

This is the new max level: In the new season of the haunted, the maximum power level of your gear is 1,570. This means that the power level at the start of the new season 17 has increased by +10 power levels compared to the previous season 16. However, all players are also boosted to a base power level of 1510 at launch, and there are many sources to level up quickly.

Season 17 is all about Solar 3.0.

This top loot (Pinnacle Gear) takes your power level above 1,550:

Bright Dust Highlights in Eververse

In the new Season 17 there will be the new Solar 3.0 ornaments to discover. So take a look directly at Tess to see what she has new to offer you. For example, how about the Pack Leader Commando ornament for the Lord of the Wolves exotic shotgun?

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Pack Leader Command ornament for the Lord of the Wolves exotic shotgun
  • Radiant Cycle Shell Exotic Spirit Shell
  • Exotic Ghost Shell “Simulation Shell”
  • Exotic ship “VG-17 Flying Fortress”
  • Exotic Sparrow “No Margin”
  • Legendary Emote “Aprubt Hang Up”
  • All Cheese Legendary Emote
  • Crimson Abyss shader

What will you be watching first in the new Season of the Haunted? Do you craft a new Solar 3.0 build right away or do you prefer to jump straight into the seasonal content to get hold of the new weapons. Say it and please in the comments.