Diablo 2 Resurrected: Act 3 Spider Monster Tomb Farming Guide

Diablo 2 Resurrected: Act 3 Spider Monster Tomb Farming Guide

the Spider Monster Crypt is an area level 85 farm zone in Diablo 2 Resurrected that was changed with the 2.4 patch. This area contains Spiders, Maggots, Bats, and a Golden Chest. The monsters here can drop all unique and set items, as well as valuable high runes, which also makes the Spider Monster Tomb a great area for completing the “Holy Grail” (collecting every unique and set item in the game).

Diablo 2 Resurrected: Act 3 Spider Monster Tomb – If you’re looking for rare loot like this Reaper’s Tribute Mercenary Weapon, you’ve come to the right place

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The Spider Monster Crypt with area level 85 (alvl for short) is a top magic fund dungeon, because elite packs in this area can drop every set and every unique item in the game. Targeted hunting for Unique and Champion Packs can net you tons of items that are magic or higher quality.

The following are a few prominent examples of items that can drop in the Spider Monster Crypt on Hell difficulty:






Also, the normal monsters Items for high level runewords drop, such as Monarch Shields for Ghost or Giant Thrashers for Infinity.

Since the Spider Monster Tomb is area level 85, elite packs are monster level (mlvl) 88, making them good for farming for experience into the late 90’s. For builds that are particularly well-suited to this dungeon, the minimum equipment requirement to farm safely and efficiently here is very low. Farming is often done here from level 75 and quickly reaches 85+.

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The Golden Chest can be found at a random location in the dungeon.

  • This chest can large quantities of magic, rare, set or unique items. It’s even possible for a golden chest to contain multiple sets or unique items.
  • Most of this chest’s drop patterns will become unaffected by the amount of magic find on the character! Lower magic find builds can also benefit from the drops.
  • The drops are from the Player Settings influenced. The higher the number of players, the more drops!
  • The only caveat is that this chest cannot drop every item in the game, as the monsters in this area can. It’s a minor reward for farming here.
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How do I find the spider monster tomb?

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The Spider Monster Crypt is in Act 3 next to the Spider Forest waypoint. The entrance is surrounded and covered by spider webs. This location makes them very accessible, even for characters with low mobility.

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the Spider Monster Crypt (Engl. Arachnid Lair) can easily with the similar looking spider cave (Spider Cavern) are confused. However, the latter is an Act 3 quest location with no elevated area level and no waypoint nearby.

Maximizes magic find on your gear

You’re here to find juicy unique and set items. Optimizing the stat “% Better Chance of Getting Magic Item” increases your chances of finding them. Stacks the stat whenever possible without significantly sacrificing damage or resistances. You can find tips for good magic find equipment in this article.

Player Settings

A high player count increases the amount of item drops in the game, which in turn increases the chance for bosses and their minions to drop good base items, runes, pristine gems, spells, and jewels. 7-8 players in game (or the chat command “/players 7 or 8” in single player mode) leads to the best drop chances in this case.

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Find every monster pack

Unlike other areas, Elite Packs often spawn in the smallest of nooks in the Spider Monster Tomb. So make sure to check each section of the dungeon during your hunt so you don’t miss out on any additional packs!

Diablo 2 Resurrected: Farm Act 3 Spider Monster Tomb (Video)

In the video above you can see a Spider Monster Tomb run with a Hurricane Druid on “Hell” difficulty

  • Enter the Spider Forest via its waypoint in Act 3 – the entrance to the Spider Monster Crypt is nearby. Don’t forget to pick up this waypoint if you plan to farm here!
  • Since patch 2.4, the Spider Monster Tomb is a max area level zone with low health enemies that can drop all unique and set items in the game.
  • When farming, concentrate on the elite groups, because they have an increased chance of magical items.
  • As your clear speed improves, start experimenting with higher player counts to increase your chance of getting runes, base items, and spells.
  • Always opens the Golden Chest in the Cave!

The information in this game tip is based on the Maxroll.gg website guide.