Farming Simulator 22: The free AGI pack is here

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Patch 1.5 of Farming Simulator 22 is available today and brings new equipment with the free AGI Pack. This includes fresh machines for your virtual farm.

The new pack around the well-known mechanical engineering company AGI focuses with various systems primarily on grain production. The expansion brings new equipment for handling, processing or storing the crops into play, which, as always, is based on real product lines.

Specifically, the package includes new screw conveyors and belts as well as additional grain silos. As the greatest feature of the expansion, GIANTS Software also names the new AGI STORM FX dressing device, which can be used to prepare grain for sowing. This includes brands such as Sentinel, Westeel, Batco or Westfield.

More news about Farming Simulator 22:

From sowing the grain to harvesting and storage in the silo, you can now do everything on your farm with the new AGI machines. Check out the GIANTS Free Expansion Software launch trailer for a glimpse of the new farming enterprise items included in the digital pack:

Another brand addition coming in June is the Kubota Pack with 11 new machines and a co-driver feature in the head, although this will be a paid DLC.

At the same time, the Farming Simulator League (FSL), the esports tournament for virtual farmers who compete for prize money, is also running. The first round of the cup has already been played, but further consequences will follow in the course of the year.

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