If the motherboard shows the backlights: Backlit motherboards – reminder

If the motherboard shows the backlights: Backlit motherboards - reminder

from Stephen Wilke
Underbody lighting for automobiles is a popular way to showcase your vehicle in the tuning scene. Case modders who attach light components behind their main circuit board are pursuing similar goals. There is a thread on the PCGHX forums dedicated solely to motherboard backlighting.

Today we want you to the Thread about motherboard lighting remember, which unfortunately has been somewhat forgotten. Is the mainboard illuminated in your PC? Then share your lighting idea with the community and upload a photo!

There is one in the PC Games Hardware Extreme forum Image thread for backlit motherboards. There, the case modders show what their PCs look like with illuminated motherboards. The role played by the mainboard lighting depends on the modding concept: in some projects, the diffuse glow is the only or one of the few light sources in the interior, so that the attention is drawn directly to the mainboard. With some case mods, the back lighting of the mainboard completes an extensive collection of cathodes and LEDs in the PC, so that even the last corner is well lit.

Accommodating lighting behind the mainboard requires a certain amount of sensitivity during planning and installation. For example, if the lighting effect is too strong, weak UV lights will be outshined. On the other hand, dust and scratches can become visible – another undesirable side effect. During installation, care must be taken to stow the lighting carefully behind the mainboard (risk of short circuit) and not to damage the radiant gimmicks: Not every light strip can be bent equally well; Cracks are possible! By the way: If you are interested in lighting in general, we recommend you take a look at the crazy PC lighting of the community members.

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