In Asia, PS Plus calculates the normal price for the Extra/Premium upgrade – even for discounted subscriptions

No joke: the PS Plus upgrade is outrageously expensive.

No joke: the PS Plus upgrade is outrageously expensive.

While we still have a few weeks to wait for the launch of the new PS Plus model, the service has already started in some Asian countries. As a result, we not only know some of the upcoming titles in the Extra and Premium game library, but also a problem for many subscribers: Sony’s upgrade strategy.

PS Plus upgrade costs you the discount of existing subscriptions

Like PS Plus users with an Asian account Reddit report, upgrading from Essential to Extra or Deluxe (the alternative version to Premium in countries that don’t have PS Plus cloud streaming) is more expensive for some people than others. The reason for this is apparently that Sony deducts the money already paid for the Essential subscription from the price of the more expensive models and then calculates the difference.

An example: If you took out your PS Plus subscription during a discount campaign for €41.99 instead of €59.99 per year, you now have to pay €58 to upgrade to PS Plus Extra (which costs €99.99 per year) – if you have the subscription, on the other hand purchased at the standard price of €59.99 only pays €40. With this, Sony is effectively taking back any discounts that people have received for their subscriptions in the past.

Upgrade only for the complete subscription period: In addition, an upgrade to Extra or Deluxe is not only possible for part of the subscription period. Anyone who has taken out PS Plus for several years as a precaution and wants to upgrade to Extra or Premium must do so for the entire remaining period of the subscription and pay the entire price at once.

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Understandably, fans aren’t exactly happy with this approach from Sony. Especially those whose PS Plus subscription runs for several years and who got their subscription at a reduced price have to pay a lot if they want to upgrade.

What else we know about the new PS Plus:

So far only in Asia

So far, of course, the new PS Plus service has only been live in Asia, with us it won’t start until June 22, 2022. So it’s quite possible that Sony will still work on the service until then or that it will simply come to us with slightly different conditions. If not, Sony will probably have to prepare for a lot of disgruntled fans.

If you’re still unsure which PS Plus model is right for you, you can find all the information about the Essential, Extra and Premium content and prices here.

What do you think? Did you want to upgrade and are you reconsidering now?