Is this Octopath Traveler? No, but Codename: Wandering Sword looks almost exactly the same

Codename: Wandering Sword - Teaser trailer for the role-playing game in the distinctive HD2D look


Codename: Wandering Sword – Teaser trailer for the role-playing game in the distinctive HD2D look

That’s Octopath Traveler! That’s exactly what I thought when I saw the trailer for today Codename: Wandering Sword stumbled, which you can check out above. And you should probably feel the same way, because the role-playing game from the Chinese studio Xiameng is strikingly reminiscent of the role-playing hit of 2018 thanks to the distinctive “HD2D” graphic style – and of course all other Square Enix styles with this look.

Since I appreciate the graphic style enormously, I automatically want to take a closer look at Codename: Wandering Sword. When exactly that will be the case is currently not certain, because a release date for the game has not yet been announced. Instead, there is already some information about the game.

Tobias Veltin

Actually, Tobi isn’t the biggest fan of JRPGs and in most cases avoids these kinds of games. However, some may pique his interest. For example, Octopath Traveler was one of those and even though he didn’t finish it, he immediately fell in love with its graphic style. That’s why Codename: Wandering Sword has a stone on his board.

This is the first information about Codename: Wandering Sword

For example, there should be an open world with cities, caves and fortresses that can be freely explored. With the combat system, we have the choice of whether we prefer to fight our enemies in a turn-based manner or in real time, and we also have a number of skills and weapons at our disposal. In addition, the first bits of information about the game promise “dynamic NPCs”, which develop over time, as well as different endings resulting from the decisions that have to be made over the course of the campaign. Incidentally, story-wise, Codename: Wandering Sword is about a young man who gets into a conflict between two major parties.

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In any case, I’ve read and seen enough to be at least interested in Codename: Wandering Sword – even apart from the distinctive graphic style. So far, the title has only been announced for the PC, so far there is no information about a possible console conversion.

How do you like the trailer for Wandering Sword? Do you like the game?