New game bundle for Radeon: rumors are confirmed

New game bundle for Radeon: rumors are confirmed

from Thilo Bayer
In the context of the start of sales of Radeon RX 6950 XT and Co., AMD also announced a new game bundle without naming specific content. It has now been submitted later – but it is not yet clear when it will really start.

AMD continues the salami tactics with the new Radeon Raise-The-Game bundle. It was already announced in principle in mid-May, but at that time the start date and the content were still missing. At least on the latter point, there is now a little more clarity.

Raise the Game: start date not yet known

On the Redemption Website The two games that are part of the corresponding Radeon purchases are now included with the new bundle. The new bundle includes the “popular games Saints Row and Sniper Elite 5,” according to AMD. You will only know how popular these games really are after they are released. After all, Sniper Elite 5 will be released on May 26th, in two days. The latest Radeon driver Adrenalin 22.5.2 is considered a Day 0 driver and also provides FSR (1.0) for Sniper Elite 5.

New game bundle for Radeon: rumors are confirmed (1)”/>

New game bundle for Radeon: rumors are confirmed (1)

Source: AMD

With Saints Row, however, many months will pass, currently August 23rd, 2022 is in the release lists. How AMD designs the key assignment in this case has not yet been handed down – vouchers come to mind. Ultimately, AMD confirms the titles that have already been traded in the rumor mill.

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Graphics cards from the Radeon RX 6400 to RX 6950 XT should be eligible – but whether both games are on board with each card remains to be seen. There is still no exact start date, the website still says “stay tuned”. Interested parties can be notified by email when the official bundle is launched.

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