Peridot: The Road Tamagotchi should be playable “guilt-free”.

Peridot: Beta now also started in Singapore - when can we go?  (1)

from Susan Brown
While fans of AR games are waiting for Niantic to start the Peridot beta in their region, the developers of the smartphone Tamagotchi want to introduce themselves and give you an insight into the development of Peridot. According to Senior Game Designer Alexia Mandeville, Peridot is definitely going to be “casual and guilt-free.”

While most interested players are still waiting for Peridot to go into beta or soft launch in their region – the Peridot Beta is currently available in Malaysia and Singapore – they can take the chance to get to know some of the Niantic Peridot developers better. In regular interviews, the makers of the smartphone Tamagotchi want to give you an insight into Peridot’s systems.

Your peridot doesn’t punish you!

Senior Game Designer Alexia Mandeville took the opportunity to point out that Tamagotchi might be the inspiration for Peridot. However, there will probably never be such extreme consequences in Peridot as in Tamagotchi if the pocket pet feels neglected. In other words: a peridot cannot die, instead you release it into the wild so that it can mate with like-minded people.