PlayStation 5: PS+ discounts will be recalculated upon upgrade

PlayStation 5: PS+ discounts will be recalculated upon upgrade

The first PlayStation players who bought cheap PS + report that all discounts are recalculated when upgrading.

More and more reports about the new PS + offer from Sony are currently doing the rounds. For example, it has been revealed that all PlayStation Classic games only run at 50Hz and therefore 25 FPS instead of 60Hz and 30 FPS, even in countries where the PAL standard is not available at all. Unsurprisingly, Sony leaves it up to the developers whether trophies are installed.

However, Sony has also confirmed that PS3 games will still not support DLCs – not even on PS+ Premium.

But things get even tougher for all PlayStation fans if the latest figures from the Asian players are correct. According to these To report Asian players who already have access to the new PS+ will be charged a higher upgrade fee if they previously purchased their PS+ subscription at a discount to offset the discount.

For example, if you bought PS+ for 40 euros instead of 60 euros, you only get 40 euros credited for an upgrade and you still have to pay the previous discount of 20 euros for an upgrade. So everyone has to pay Sony’s RRP, whether you could buy PS+ cheaply before or not.

If you have accumulated a stacked subscription for the next few years and bought it cheaply, you even have to pay for the upgrade for the entire duration of the subscription without discount credit, which is an enormous amount.

You also have to upgrade for all remaining days. You can’t just upgrade for three months or a year. And the upgrade price is always calculated for a monthly subscription, not an annual one, which would be cheaper.

A user reported: “Sony says PS Deluxe (Asian term for top tier) is worth HK$600 per year.”

“If you bought PS plus at HK$300 for a year, then pay another HK$300 for Deluxe. You already have 300 in your account and top it up to 600 to get Deluxe.”

“If you got a discount and only paid HK$250 for Plus, now you have to pay HK$350 to reach Deluxe value. You have 250 in your account – so you always have to top up to 600 to get the value that Sony places on the Deluxe tier.”

“Sony says the discount was on the purchase of PS plus, but there’s no discount on the PS Deluxe service, so you have to pay full price for it.”

In June, the new PS + offer will start in Japan, Europe and North America. Then at the latest it will become clear whether Sony will continue to implement these consumer-unfriendly upgrade options from Asia or make changes beforehand.

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