Rainbow Six Siege: Team killers will be penalized for up to 20 matches in the future

Rainbow Six Siege: Team killers will be penalized for up to 20 matches in the future

In the tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege, team killers can now be punished for up to 20 matches.

For the upcoming “Operation Vector Glare” update, Ubisoft will revise Rainbow Six Siege’s reputation system in a first phase.

For example, the developer is introducing a reputation penalty within the new season that recognizes whether a player (repeatedly) fires at his own teammates.

If a player is caught misbehaving, they will receive the Friendly Fire Reversal status, which will also apply to that player. According to game director Alex Karpazis, the spoilsport is branded for up to 20 games or until it is removed after a few games if he is not guilty.

We have all the details about Operation Vector Glare in Year 7 Season 2 for you in this message.

excerpt from the Patch Notes for Operation Vector Glare:


This is part of the reputation system and is the first phase to be implemented. This introduces a reputation penalty when we spot someone shooting at your team on a regular basis.

The purpose of the reputation penalties is for them to activate when we detect that someone has abused a mechanic over multiple matches, in this case the “Friendly Fire” reversal. This aims to better control certain regular abuses of friendly fire and reduce frustration from repeat offenders injuring too many teammates.

  • As repeat offenders approach punishment for their actions, they will receive a series of alerts informing them of how they are viewed by the system and prompting them to change their playstyle.
  • If the players continue the disruptive behavior, the penalty will be imposed. The respective players are informed of the number of matches remaining in their penalty through indicators and feedback in and from the gameplay.
    This feature will be implemented later in Season 2.
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