The 7 best items in V Rising that you should always take with you at the beginning

v rising copper mine map

Survival games like the Steam hit V Rising also require a lot of organization from you – “inventory management” could almost pass as a subject. So that you know which items are worth an inventory slot at the start, we show you the best items to start with on MeinMMO.

What is this about? In V Rising you play an awakened vampire and are on the trail of past power of your race. Without armor or sunscreen, you go hunting for interesting people and critters that will give you new skills and knowledge.

Over time you build strong armor, mix powerful sunscreen and venture deeper and deeper into the wide world.

So that you know at the very beginning which items you need for your ascent and what they bring you, here is a small shopping list for your tours through the world of V Rising.

Our video on the topic offers a deeper look into the game:

All information about the new vampire survival MMO “V Rising” on Steam – in 2 minutes


What’s the point? The forging material will help you improve the first weapons and tools. You also use it to build the mills. At the beginning you can’t craft the parts yourself and have to loot them.

But even later, the whetstones are still relevant – they are part of the recipe for Scourgestones and you need a decent mountain of them.

Where can I get this? Human opponents, especially soldiers, like to carry around a few whetstones. They also often lie around in large numbers in boxes.

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grave dust / bones

What’s the point? You will be happy about every pile of grave dust that you collect at the start. The dust is also part of the scourgestone recipe and is also used when renovating your castle.

Bones can also be ground into grave dust, but you need 75-100 bones for one unit of grave dust. So always take all the bones with you.

Where can I get this? There are bones from skeletons and dead animals, grave dust there is, unsurprisingly, in cemeteries or from stronger skeleton opponents.

V Rising Map: Interactive map shows you all resources and where to find them

paper / scrolls

What’s the point? With paper you research new items to craft. At the research table you can exchange 50 paper for a random research and you need a good amount of paper to advance here. You rarely find books with specific research.

dScrolls are then the next research material and should you already have one or the other scroll in your hand, save it for later.

Where can I get this? Paper is not far away from people. Smash a few human opponents and use their scraps of paper for your research.


What’s the point? Copper takes you to the next level of weapon evolution and is the first major ore. You need a lot of it to swap out your first weapons, and if you find early supplies on your early travels around the world, you should take the stuff with you.

However, you must “boost” your first weapons so that you have enough power to mine the ores.

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You will also need copper later for larger containers, the bookshelves. The shelves are a cheap alternative with lots of storage space.

Where can I get this? The brownish copper deposits can be found anywhere near cliffs or ledges. In the first area there is also a copper mine.

Although the mine is full of enemies and will probably demand everything from you at the beginning, the yield is excellent.

In the first area there is a crammed copper mine.


What’s the point? Sure – your castle has to be creepy and radiate an eerie flair. But nothing beats a garden in a survival MMO.

In V Rising, growing in your own garden is pretty simple – you place the plant via the construction menu and it grows until an enemy fellow breaks the base.

Find a suitable place and take care of a beautiful garden with “blood roses” and “weeping lilies” at the beginning – you will need both plants later in abundance.

Where can I get this? If you harvest the respective plants, you always have a chance of getting the seeds. It’s best to use your swords to harvest bushes and plants, they give a small bonus. The seeds can also be found in boxes.

Animal Skins / Coarse Thread

What’s the point? You need animal skins right from the start for your armor and also for the next levels of your protective gear. Also important for the new armor is the coarse thread.

The skins are processed into leather in the tannery and once you have collected enough animal skins and thread, you will get the new armor very quickly.

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Where can I get this? Animals like wolves or deer throw some animal skin every time you kill them. The Rough Thread is more of a human thing and can be found in settlements, but it also drops from killed soldiers.

Immaculate Hearts

What’s the point? Immaculate Hearts can be upgraded to “Improved Blood Essences” in the Blood Press, making them an important crafting material that can be used for a long time. So you improve your equipment or build a servant’s coffin with the great essences.

Since the improved blood essences cannot be looted directly and can only be produced later, you should not leave an Immaculate Heart lying around.

Where can I get this? All characters with a heart also have a chance to drop a heart. In most cases, these are Tainted Hearts, which you can press into blood essences or use as emergency rations.

But every now and then good and innocent people lose an Immaculate Heart, which you can shove in your pockets with a demonic grin.

V Rising follows some interesting approaches in the survival genre and convinces with its vampire setting, which represents something new in the area.

On MeinMMO you will find guides and exciting stories about the game – keep checking back. If you’re looking for more tips, you’ll find them here: 5 Useful Tips in V Rising I wish I knew beforehand