The richest man in the world sums up what all fans think of the Elden Ring in one sentence

Titelbild Elon Musk

Even a few weeks after its release, there is still interest in Elden Ring. The latest Soulsborne game wows even the richest man in the world: Elon Musk. He now talks about his experience and shows how he gambles.

Who is the man? Elon Musk is the founder and CEO of Tesla, SpaceX and other tech-oriented companies, among others. According to Musk is the richest man in the world with net worth of $291 billion, ahead of Amazon boss Jeff Bezos with $171 billion.

Known as the “Meme Lord,” Musk is often easy-going and more or less “normal,” especially on Twitter. He is also apparently a gamer, which is not only known since Elden Ring:

Here’s what Musk says about Elden Ring: Elon Musk previously revealed which class he is playing through Elden Ring with. He also revealed in a new tweet on May 23 on twitterwhat he thinks of the game: “Elden Ring, if you take it in its entirety, is the most beautiful art I have ever seen.”

Musk speaks from the soul of many fans. Even newcomers are celebrating the FromSoftware game, some saying they haven’t felt like this since Ocarina of Time.

Not only does the optics play a role, but almost certainly the work as a whole. Elden Ring, like other FromSoftware games, is known to have questionable morals at times and is full of NPCs with tragic stories.

Here’s everything you need to know about Elden Ring in 2 minutes:

Everything you need to know about the Elden Ring in 2 minutes

Musk is at level 111: “Do you ever sleep?”

During the conversation, Musk also shows a Image from the build, which he is currently playing. He apparently relies on a Power Mage with Katana and has already reached level 111. Leveling in Elden Ring can be exhausting and takes a lot of time.

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Some Twitter users are therefore asking where the billionaire actually gets the time to gamble so much. Some ask if he sleeps at all or if clones or any interns gamble for him. User @elgrandgordo summarizes:

It amazes me that the richest and most amazing person plays video games. How do you get your free time when you’re so busy?

So far, Musk hasn’t answered this question, and we can only speculate as to when and how he’ll take the time to gamble. After all, the multi-billionaire is also a young father. Incidentally, in addition to Musk, other well-known names have also commented on Elden Ring – including the former boss of Nintendo himself:

Nintendo has some of the hardest games of all time – but the ex-boss complains that Elden Ring is too difficult for him