This Mipha cosplayer can certainly breathe underwater

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Many know her, some love her: The Princess of the Zoras Mipha, who made her first appearance in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild from 2017. In the title, Mipha could heal the wounds of others with her hands, which of course made her a welcome ally for our protagonist Link. The Zoras themselves are amphibious creatures that are often found near bodies of water.

The Zora are arguably one of the more unique races from The Legend Of Zelda universe, which of course means that while they are quite interesting for talented cosplayers, it takes a lot of work to portray them appropriately. The cosplayer ellen_blackslash has definitely done the necessary work, because her cosplay to Mipha looks truly breathtaking.

She shared three photos of her great cosplay User on her Instagram account, and of course the right weapon is also part of the game. The picture itself was probably made by zeropuntosedici shot, and on the Instagram accounts of these two people you can find many more cosplays of all your favorite characters from different universes.