Thor 4: Christian Bale as Gorr – who is the godslayer?

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While the first trailer for Thor 4: Love and Thunder already caused enthusiasm, many fans are now pouncing on the scenes of the newly released second trailer. Because this not only reveals more moments from Taika Waititi’s latest MCU film in general. First and foremost, the promo video shows Christian Bale in the role of Gorr that was teased early on. It’s extremely popular with comic fans – but what makes the godslayer so irresistible?

SPOILER WARNING: We are talking about spoilers from the Godslayer series of comics – these may also be spoilers for Thor 4.

Thor 4 Love and Thunder second trailer features Mighty Tor and Gorr

Who is Gorr the Godslayer?

In the comics, Gorr is a humanoid alien from a nameless planet. Gorr belonged to a people who had to live under the most extreme conditions, constantly starving and dying of thirst. In the course of his life he lost his parents early, but that was not all – eventually his wife and child also died. However, his people should trust in the gods, who would eventually come to the rescue. But when two wrestling gods finally landed on the planet in battle, Gorr’s life changed.

One of the two gods wielded a terrifying, living sword that was all black – later than that “All Black” revealed. This is a symbiote (like Venom!) and bonded with Gorr to give him untold power. Angered and bitter that no gods had ever helped his people, Gorr slew the other surviving god of this duel – the godslayer was born.

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