Trinity Trigger : Roleplaying Game will be released on September 15, 2022 in Japan

Trinity Trigger  (Rollenspiel) von FuRyu

As reported by GematsuTrinity Trigger is a new Japanese role-playing game, in which developers of Chrono Cross and Xenoblade Chronicles X, among others, are involved.

In addition to the cover artwork for Switch, PS4 and PS5, some screenshots show what is happening from an isometric perspective. With the “Ring Change” system you should be able to switch between eight weapon types in order to have the right tool for every type of opponent.

Over 60 environment maps to explore including forests, snowy mountains, deserts and fiery areas. The story, unsurprisingly for a JRPG, is about a boy who has to save the world. Cyan learns that he is a “Warrior of Chaos” chosen by the gods. Together with the characters Eris and Xanthys, he embarks on a journey.

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