Trymacs shows 120,000 euro Pokémon card collection – valuable new additions to follow

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Trymacs made headlines for a while with its Pokémon Pack Openings. Now he is showing his valuable collection, which cost him more than 120,000 euros.

Hamburg – At the time of his injury, Trymacs gave up his controller and shows more than just games on Twitch. Most recently, the 27-year-old streamer presented his impressive collection of Pokémon cards, which he has accumulated in Pack Openings over the past few years. Trymacs paid more than 120,000 euros for the glittering cardboard, of which he now wants to have the most valuable pieces valued. This is Trymacs massive Pokemon card collection.

Full name Maximilian Stemmler
Known as Trymacs
date of birth Aug. 19, 1994
Place of birth Hamburg
Followers on Twitch 2.937 million (as of April 2022)
Followers on YouTube 2.04 million (as of April 2022)

Trymacs: Pokémon Cards on Twitch – These are the most valuable pieces of his 120,000 euro collection

What happened? Trymacs had to have an operation and will probably show fewer games on Twitch for some time. Instead, he draws on other content and takes a look into the past. Trymacs broke the Twitch record for most subscribers with a Pokémon Pack opening and has stockpiled a gigantic collection of valuable Pokémon cards in many other streams of this kind. The 27-year-old from Hamburg now wants to have the best pieces evaluated by the Gold Standard Grading Service in order to determine their value. On Twitch, together with Chefstrobel, he selected around 300 cards to be rated.

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How much is the collection worth? That is hard to say. Trymacs says they have invested over €120,000 in boosters and displays. However, the streamer expects a drop in value of 80 to 90 percent. Valuable Pokémon cards can’t be sold properly unless they’ve been rated – or graded – by a reputable company. They are given a number from 1 to 10 that describes the condition of the card. If the card is in pristine condition, it gets a score of 10 and can fetch much higher prices than, say, a 9. A 10 was only drawn in the rarest of cases – misprints and slight damage to the packaging can already make a difference.

We only know the true value of his most prized pieces after Trymacs sends in the cards for a rating. But already in the video some real gold treasures can be seen. Several Charizards from old sets. An extremely valuable Rainbow Pikachu (which unfortunately suffered a huge drop in value). Starter Pokémon left and right. Holos of popular monsters abound. Trymacs has so many valuable cards that one or the other jaw will surely drop during the grading service. We have included the video on YouTube above so that you can take a look at the endless glitter for yourself.

Trymacs: Even more Pokémon cards – With this legendary set he wants to expand his collection

He doesn’t have enough yet: Trymacs didn’t show off their Pokemon cards for nothing. In the future he wants to expand his collection and open an incredibly rare booster display. A Japanese Neo Genesis from 1998 will open Trymacs in his stream once he has surpassed 3 million followers on Twitch. There are said to be only about 50 of them left worldwide. Trymacs paid 20,000 for the Neo Genesis booster box – the Japanese version is now even sold for over 35,000 euros.

Trymacs shows 120,000 euro Pokémon card collection – valuable new additions to follow

© Instagram: Trymacs/Unsplash (montage)

This could be in there: The rarest card from the Neo Genesis set is Lugia. With a rating of 10, Lugia can even be worth 50,000 euros in the first edition. In addition, this set contains a number of starter Pokémon and Pikachu, which are always popular with collectors. Monsters like Tornupto, Impertagor and Pichu can bring in up to 12,500 euros. However, Trymacs has to be surprised again when he opens the valuable set.

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Rubric list image: © Instagram: Trymacs/Unsplash (montage)