V Rising: Finding and Defeating the V Blood Rotten Rat Guide

The anti-vampire world of V Rising doesn’t make it easy for you to be a blood-drinking nightmare of the night, but luckily there are V Bloodspowerful opponents that you can defeat to new powers, useful items, important workbenches and sometimes even unlock everything at once.

These particular enemy units often loiter in caves and dungeons around or patrol fixed routes, which is why they are usually relatively easy to spot. And should they escape your gaze, there is still one blood altarwith you trace the blood of the V Bloods can.

Nice thing, but unfortunately it’s of use to you in the Putrid Rat (Putrid Rat) nothing but that rodent from hell must be summoned, so you can defeat it in battle. In order to do that, you’ll need to do some prep work, but don’t worry, in this one Guide we will explain to you exactly how you Find and defeat the Rotten Rat can.

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V Rising: Summon and defeat the V Blood Rotten Rat

It’s well worth the effort of summoning the Rotten Rat in order to fight it, because that’s how you learn how to protect yourself turn into a rat can, reducing the chances of enemies being able to spot you. A trick that comes in handy from time to time in V Rising.

Because if you scurry through the darkness as a small rodent, you can do it clearly easier to sneak through human villages or resources in the wilderness dismantle. It also allows you to evade enemies that would otherwise spot you as you explore, and at the appropriate time in the game still too strong would be.

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V Rising: Rotten Rat (V Blood)
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The Lazy Rat (Putrid Rat) summon

So it’s in your best interest to summon the Rotten Rat as early as possible and get rid of it. But as already mentioned, you have to do a few tasksfinally you need the right materials. What exactly you have to collect, we will tell you in the following list:

  • Workbench vermin nest
  • Workbench woodworking bench
  • Workbench The Devourer
  • 360x stones
  • 120x bones
  • 8x grave dust
  • 4x bones
  • 1x rod
  • 1x Twilight Snapper

Start by getting in bug nest to build, since you need this workbench to summon said V Blood. For this item you need 360x stones and 120x bonestwo resources located in V Rising relatively easy to put together. Now you still need three other materials.

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twilight snapper

You can do this fish at every fishing spot catch and it usually just takes a little patience to get your hands on one. But of course you need one fishing rodto even start fishing. To do this, defeat the opponent Rufus the foremanto the woodworking bench unlock, with which you can build a fishing rod.


You probably already have the bones together at this point, but if you don’t, find them Forests near the strat point on and loots chests in bandit camps. Alternatively, you can devourer Build it and feed it with any fish to also get bones.

grave dust

This resource may be the easiest to gather, as all you need to do is put in one of the most common materials in all of V Rising Mill pack and shred. Out of 100x Bone will 1x grave dust. Alternatively, you can find the one nearby cemetery and at undead also plenty of grave dust.

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V Rising: Finding and Defeating the V Blood Rotten Rat GuideV Rising: interactive map makes everyday vampire life easier for you

Defeat the Rotten Rat

Once you have gathered all the necessary materials, you can use the Lazy Rat in the menu of your vermin nest choose and summon. It is recommended to have the necessary workbench in one larger, empty space to use so that you have enough space for the fight.

Now wait approx twenty to thirty minutes off and this V Blood will appear, causing the boss fight can be started. To be able to win this confrontation, your equipment should at least level 30 have achieved, otherwise you have little to oppose the attacks of this beast.

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The fight itself shouldn’t really demand much from you, because basically the Rotten Rat is a very unassuming enemy in V Rising. It can only become problematic if this V Blood disappears into the ground and smaller rats let loose on you. In this case, focus entirely on the Rotten Rat’s underlings.

you should servants in your base, these NPCs will attack the Rotten Rat and its summons as well as the boss attack your servants will. So before the fight, make sure you have these characters equipped otherwise they will definitely end up underground.

V Rising: Rotten Rat (V Blood)
©Stunlock Studios.

While the boss himself is conspicuous by his absence, you also have a few moments to share yours restore vital energy and, if necessary, to reconsider your own strategy. Once the Rotten Rat returns, finish it off and eventually gain the ability to transform yourself into a rodent.

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