Which franchise should Capcom bring back?

Which franchise should Capcom bring back?

Players of Capcom franchises like Monster Hunter, Resident Evil and Street Fighter currently have little to complain about in terms of new games or new content.

However, fans of the company’s older games have been wanting some games to return for years.

This week, the publisher hinted that it might consider bringing back older series if demand is high enough.

More on the subject:

“We are currently putting together plans for our pipeline based on market research into demand,” the company said. “In the future we will continue to take the wishes of our customers into account when developing our offer.”

Below you can vote on which Capcom franchise you would like to see something new from. At least give you a few choices.

If your favorite is not in the list, simply select “Another” and then you are welcome to explain it in more detail in a comment.


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