WoW Patch 9.2.5: Allys need tanks? No problem, this Vulpera is ready!

WoW Patch 9.2.5: Allys need tanks?  No problem, this Vulpera is ready!

from Susan Brown
There is a rumor that WoW Patch 9.2.5 could be released in the first week of June 2022 – and then the dream of all players who wonder why there are still factions like Horde and Alliance in WoW would come true. Will you try cross-faction group play? Are you ready like the bravest Vulpera who wants to lay the blame for the Alliance?

There is speculation that WoW Patch 9.2.5 could be released on June 1st, 2022 (just in time for the release of our new MMORE edition, by the way, how could it be otherwise?!). As we reported, on the World of Warcraft test server The small word “Release” is already displayed next to the version number, which is usually an unmistakable sign that a WoW patch could be available on the live servers in the next 14 days.

But you can never be sure with Blizzard’s developers, after all they also postponed the release of WoW: Shadowlands at relatively short notice. That’s a remarkable thing in and of itself, since Blizzard has rarely delayed a game release in the past. Well, be that as it may…

Are you prepared?

Assuming that WoW Patch 9.2.5 really does appear on June 1, 2022 and, in addition to a few other features, also brings cross-faction group play with it: Are you ready for this unique moment from a WoW historical perspective? And are you as ready as this Vulpera?

Hey sorry, that cute Vulpera is adorable standing there next to the Horde flag and wearing all his shimmering and glowing Alliance armor! Just ignore the usual Reddit comments that this is just a tiny worgen or a very hairy gnome – the worgen tank of Reddit user and WoW fan MojaveBreeze is ready for a new adventure and doesn’t shy away from helping helpless Alliance members’ heads hold out!

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But how about you? On the first day of availability, will you try how it feels to suddenly be able to play together with members of the opposite faction in dungeons and raids? Or will you hold back and wait and see if everything works as it should? Take part in our quick poll in the forum (because the installation doesn’t work here right now XD)!

Or are you one of the most enthusiastic players of World of Warcraft (buy now )emulating MojaveBreeze and dressing up for a job in the ranks of the (actually) opposing faction? Feel free to tell us about your plans in the comments and what you generally expect from WoW Patch 9.2.5!