6 secret features of the PS5 that you should definitely know

6 secret features of the PS5 that you should definitely know

The PS5 is almost 2 years old. We will introduce you to 6 functions that not everyone knows and that you should definitely try out.

The PS5 has been around since 2020 and has brought tons of new features and opportunities for gamers compared to the PS4. Sony is also regularly rolling out new features to make games feel smoother and faster on the PS5.

Not all functions of the PS5 are directly visible or known to everyone. Because some are cleverly hidden, others have simply been forgotten. MeinMMO introduces you to 6 features that you should know if you gamble on a PS5.

Stream PS5 games to your phone or other devices

What is this feature? You want to gamble on your PS5, but another family member would like to watch a series on the TV or would you rather gamble with the switch? Thanks to PS Remote, you can also stream your games from the PS5 to your cell phone, for example. However, a fast internet connection is required.

How to use the function: First you have to activate “Remote Play” in the settings of your PS5. Then you have to install the app on your PC or on your mobile phone. The next step is to simply follow the app’s instructions and connect your PS5 to your other device. Incidentally, you can also connect your PS5 controller to your cell phone or PC via Bluetooth.

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Sony itself recommends a speed of 5 Mbit/s, but for better quality it should be at least 15 Mbit/s.

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Turn off spoilers on PS5

What is a feature? Are you currently playing a new game like Elden Ring, but don’t want to be spoiled? If you want to block screenshots or other content on your home screen that you don’t want to see, you can turn on the spoiler feature.

How to use the function: To do this, go to the settings and here to saved data and game/app settings. Here you then select the option “Warn about game spoilers.” Here you can then set how much should be blocked:

  • Either only content that has been marked as spoilers by the developers is blocked.
  • Or you block all content that you have not yet seen yourself.

However, the function has one disadvantage: the spoiler warning only works with PS5 games and not with PS4 games that you can play on the PS5 thanks to backward compatibility.

Turn off notifications

What is this feature? Are you playing a difficult match or just want to enjoy the story? Then turn off the annoying notifications. This includes, for example, references to games, invitations or trophies that you are currently collecting.

How to use the function: Go to Settings and then Notifications. Here you can then disable the “Allow pop-up notifications” function. You can also fine-tune what notifications you want to see.

Personalize Dashboard

What is this feature? The Control Center is the one you will see most often on the PS5. Did you know that you can also configure the menu and adapt it to your own needs?

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How to use the function: As you move your controller over each item in the menu, you can press the controller’s Options button. You can then select from a list which elements should be displayed and how they should be arranged. So you can also make things disappear that you don’t use anyway.

You can also set whether you want to display certain things in the game. These include challenges or activities.

Download games from a PC or mobile phone

What is this feature? Traveling but spotted a great offer on the PS Store that you want to buy and play right away? Thanks to this feature, you can tell your console to start the download while you’re on the go.

How to use the function: If you purchased a game through the PlayStation app, then you can download the game directly to the PS5. Select your profile in the app, click on the game library and select the game you want to install. Then click Download to PS5.

For this to work, the PS5 must be in rest mode. If it’s turned off completely, it will download the game as soon as you turn on the console.

Use 3D audio without a gaming headset

What is this feature? The PS5 relies on a special audio feature, namely 3D audio. This should make the sound and the music sound even more realistic and better. Officially, however, you need a headset that also supports the function. But you can also test 3D audio experimentally without a headset. The function on televisions was completely missing for the PS5 release.

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How to use the function: You go to the settings on the PS5 and then select Sound. Here you can activate 3D audio for the audio output. Then the PS5 wants you to calibrate the system. This can be very uncomfortable for a moment. If the 3D audio doesn’t convince you afterwards, you can simply switch the function off again.

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