Aldi drone: what can the foldable GPS drone Maginon QC-120 do?

Aldi drone: what can the foldable GPS drone Maginon QC-120 do?

from Claus Ludewig
Aldi is entering the drone market and is offering the Maginon QC-120 GPS drone in its online shop. What does the discounter’s foldable quadrocopter offer?

In Germany were alone used 385,500 drones by private individuals and 45,200 drones for commercial use in March 2021. DJI, the world’s largest manufacturer of civilian drones, is at the forefront. The Chinese recently introduced the new Mini 3 Pro, which is now available for at least 829 euros. Aldi is now proving that there is a cheaper way and is sending them Maginon QC-120 GPS drone for only 269 euros to the runway.

This is what the Maginon QC-120 drone from the Aldi online shop offers

From May 25 at 7 a.m. to June 19 at the latest, the foldable quadrocopter will be available for purchase at Aldi. Manufacturer Maginon offers a Rollei camera with 4K resolution and a two-axis gimbal. In contrast to the DJI Mini 3 Pro, the Aldi drone can only record 4k videos at 30 fps and not at 60 frames per second. According to the manufacturer, the flight time is 26 minutes. The scope of delivery includes a remote control with a smartphone holder, with the maximum range of the drone being 800 meters without obstacles and interference. For easier control, an HD video can be transmitted directly to the smartphone. The QC-120 stores videos on the supplied 32 gigabyte microSD memory card. With an integrated GPS function, the QC-120 can independently fly back to the starting point. If you want, you can use Way Point Flight to define up to 16 destinations that the quadrocopter should fly to independently. However, Aldi has saved a sensor for obstacle detection, after all, four replacement rotor blades are included. With a weight of 585 grams, the drone is too heavy to fly outside.

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According to paragraph 21b LuftVO, the drone may be no more than 30 meters above the ground during active camera flights, at least if the drone is used outside. In addition, the drone may either weigh a maximum of 250 grams or a spotter must accompany the flight and point out dangers to the pilot. If the legal framework for a camera flight is not complied with, the insurance company can refuse to pay in the event of damage. Within the EU, proof of competence to control this drone in subcategory A3 is mandatory from January 1st, 2023. You can find out how to get this proof in the description of the drone, according to Aldi.

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Aldi drone collection:

  • From May 25, Aldi will be offering the Maginon QC-120 drone in its online shop for just 269 euros. The offer should be available until June 19 at the latest or while stocks last.
  • Compared to more expensive drones, such as the DJI Mini 3 Pro, the Aldi drone lacks obstacle detection, there is only a 2-axis gimbal and the camera can record in 4K at a maximum of 30 fps instead of 60 fps.
  • From January 1st, 2023, proof of competence to control this drone in subcategory A3 is required within the EU. Aldi has documented how you can get this proof in the description.
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Source: Aldi