EA: Will US mega-publisher be sold soon? Conversations should go on

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In order to provide shareholders with security after the loss of the FIFA and Star Wars brands, EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson appears to be looking for a buyer for the publisher.

California – The gaming industry’s tectonic plates continue to shift. After Microsoft announced a purchase of Activision Blizzard in the spring and Sony wanted to incorporate developer Bungie, the shopping spree of the big names in gaming is now probably going into the next round. But this time everything is going the other way around: FIFA and Battlefield Publisher Electronic Arts are apparently desperately looking for a buyer. EA has allegedly had some talks about this in recent weeks. Just who will buy the gaming giant?

Company Name Electronic Arts (EA)
CEO Andrew Wilson
Sales volume $5.54 billion (2020)
founding May 27, 1982, San Mateo, California
head office Redwood City, California
subsidiaries EA Sports, DICE, etc.

EA: Shareholders crave security after losing FIFA and Star Wars

Why does EA want to be bought? It may sound strange at first that such an important gaming publisher as EA would want to be bought. However, EA is listed on the stock exchange, which basically explains the desire to buy it. Investors long for security and Electronic Arts can’t seem to offer enough of that at the moment.

EA: FIFA publisher seems to want to be bought urgently

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Only recently did the news circulate that EA would lose the powerful FIFA license from 2023 and that the popular football games would henceforth be called EA Sports FC. EA is reportedly working on a sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The first Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is rumored to make it to PS Plus’ June program. But the group will also lose the powerful “Star Wars” license as early as 2023. Certainly not a particularly strong signal for investors.

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EA: Apple, Amazon and Disney reportedly in talks to buy

Who is in the room to buy EA? So, to counter the trend of uncertain future, EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson is said to be looking for a buyer for EA or a company interested in a merger. So far, however, the two obvious candidates, Microsoft and Sony, seem to be holding back. According to colleagues from puck have already led Apple, Amazon and Disney.

In addition, cable network operator Comcast is said to have been particularly interested in the FIFA publisher. However, negotiations with EA broke down last month. The reason for this should have been differences in the price of EA. Regardless of whether it is a purchase or a merger, it is said that it is also important for EA that CEO Andrew Wilson keeps control of the publisher. Even if the deal with Comcast is currently considered to have failed, EA is persistently looking for a new buyer.

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