Elden Ring modder invites all Demigod bosses to the ultimate showdown

What happens when six of the most powerful bosses face off?  (Image source: https:twitter.comEyesGardenstatus1527667836440780800photo1)

What happens when six of the most powerful bosses face off? (Image source: https://twitter.com/EyesGarden/status/1527667836440780800/photo/1)

Elden Ring pits us against very special bosses in six epic battles – the demigods of the in-between, direct descendants of the mysterious god-queen Marika. These battles are staged on a large scale and sometimes quite tough. But what would happen if these strong bosses did not compete against us, but against each other? A modder gives us the answer.

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Grand boss showdown

It’s all about this: Modder Garden of Eyes implemented the whole thing in a video called “The Ultimate Battle of the Demigods (Elden Ring Boss vs. Boss)”. All demigods that can be fought as bosses go into the ring, i.e. Godrick, Radahn, Rykard, Morgott, Mohg and Malenia. As Garden of Eyes writes in the video, they all compete with the highest NG scaling (NG+7) and the highest area scaling – so really a battle of the giants.

Multiple rounds: Garden of Eyes doesn’t just let the bosses loose on each other and see who wins, but offers us an atmospheric intro, which is followed by several rounds with different rules. The first round is called “no borders”. Everything is allowed here. At the second attempt, Mohg’s nasty Nihil bleeding attack is forbidden, at the third round the lineup changes and in the final fight all bosses get their original area scaling back.

It can get pretty chaotic in this battle if many of the bosses are using magic, or attacks with area or elemental damage at the same time. The phase transitions are also often dramatic, for example due to Radahn’s comet attack. Garden of Eyes also uses lines of text from the game very effectively and makes the video worth watching.

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Who wins?

If you’d rather see for yourself who can defeat the other Demigods, you can watch the video, but of course we don’t want to deprive you of who will win:

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The two optional bosses, which most players only deal with at the very end of their journey, clearly come out on top, even if one of them can be reached early on. We’re talking about Mohg and Malenia. Since the latter can win two out of four rounds, she is in principle the winner – hardly surprising.

However, Mohg is among the last two stalwarts in the first round, along with Radahn. At the same time, they bless the past. Surprisingly, Mohg also wins in the second round, in which his Nihil attack is taken away, which we as the end of the game can only survive if we heal at the right moment or use a protection potion.

Of course, if we were to include all placements in battles, it would be a bit more complicated. By the way, Godwyn and Miquella are left out of this match. They are among the demigods but not the final bosses as they are already in a death-like state at the time of the game.

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Who would you have guessed in this big battle and would you classify Malenia as the winner or would you rather put the title with Mohg?