Find Paper and Unlock Paper Press in V Rising – Scrolls and Scheme – Walkthrough

Find Paper and Unlock Paper Press in V Rising - Scrolls and Scheme - Walkthrough

We have a few Tips and Tricks for vampiric survival game V Rising put together for you to make it easier for you to get into the game. Because when it comes to progress, some obstacles will be put in your way.

It is often the case that you need certain materials in order to be able to produce other components. And that’s the only way you can move forward.

One ingredient that we keep coming across is this paper and why this is so important, you will learn in this solution.

V Rising: What do I need to know about paper?

Paper can make your everyday life as a vampire much easier because you blueprints can unlock, so-called recipes. These recipes improve your equipment and unlock certain things in the game. So we definitely want to unlock these recipes.

Where can I find paper?

There are so-called bandit camps in “V Rising” that you can raid. These can be found all over the world map, but only in the southern regions of the world.

A quick look at the map below will tell you where you are bandits camp or Bandit Trapper Camp finds. Turn off all enemies here and also look for all the chests that you find on site. If you’re lucky, there’s some paper in the treasure chests.

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How do I unlock the Paper Press?

What can I do with paper? Paper is used to unlock recipes to craft new weapons, gear, and castle elements.

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That’s why we need them paper press, so that we can turn the collected paper into said recipes. We’ll turn them on when we Nicholas the Fallen (Nicholaus the Fallen) with a level of 37. So we go to the blood altar and pick up his trail.

Nicholas the Fallen is located exactly in the middle of the Dunley Farmlands. Roughly above the position where you may have set up your castle at the beginning. If you skeletons see, you are correct. Since he spawns a lot of enemies, area damage spells are a good idea.

When you finally defeat him, you’ll get the blueprint for that study room. Build them and unlock as many recipes as possible.

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One of those unlockables Recipes is the paper presswhich you can then build. And yes: that can be quite tedious, since the studies are the same in the study room 75 scrolls take advantage of. And then there is the random factor. So you need a bit of luck.

In the paper press you can, above all, yours make your own paper. This requires the following materials:

  • 12x stone dust
  • 4x plant fibers

If you no longer need paper, the press will help you to put paper in Scrolls to convert and these in turn into Schematics. In this way you can convert your old materials into new, usable ones.

Craft scrolls and scheme

How can I craft scrolls and schematics? You can craft scrolls if you Frostmaw the Mountain Terror off at level 56. He’s waiting for you in the eastern snow biome. Crafting a scroll requires:

  • 12x Gem Dust
  • 4x paper (paper)
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And then there would be this schemefor which you also need a recipe first.

For this recipe you need the V-Blood Carrier Matka the Curse Weaver switch off. The witch is in the north, in the Cursed Forest. First travel towards the forest and then it goes to the Nest of the Curse Weaver. Scheme need the following materials:

  • 24x Silver Ore (Silver Ore)
  • 4x Spectral Dust
  • 8x Scroll