Gran Turismo 7: Maintenance plus 3 new vehicles

Gran Turismo 7: Maintenance plus 3 new vehicles

For tomorrow, Thursday, Polyphony Digital has announced a short downtime for its in-house racing simulation Gran Turismo 7 (from 42.33€ at buy) on. After that, players can look forward to at least three new vehicles.

Quickly finish all world races or cups! A new update that will be rolled out on Thursday, May 26 from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. should also make some adjustments to some performance (LP) values. The developers have not yet announced which additional changes are still waiting for the inclined racers after the maintenance.

A revision of the generally underground online mode is certainly not to be expected. Instead, there are three new vehicles that have already been announced as silhouettes on Twitter by Yamauchi. Car nerds were quick to recognize the cars, which are probably the Toyota GR010, the GoPro Rampage 1970 Camaro and a Corvette C3.

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