Gran Turismo 7 roulette is fake according to the video, your wins are already set

Gran Turismo 7 apparently already determines what you win at roulette when you receive the tickets.

Gran Turismo 7 apparently already determines what you win at roulette when you receive the tickets.

Gran Turismo 7 gives you a free roulette ticket every day if you complete the daily training. As it stands, this roulette is just a facade. The prizes are apparently already set when you get the ticket. At least that is what a video suggests in which the draws are repeated several times – always with the same result.

Gran Turismo 7: Fans think roulette is fake and feel betrayed

This is how the roulette works: If you drive more than 42 kilometers in Gran Turismo 7 in one day, your daily training is considered complete. For this you get a ticket with different star ratings, which allows you to play a round of roulette. There are various prizes such as components, cars or money. But often we only get the lowest price and that seems to be fixed in advance.

Video probably reveals fake: As a pixelconnect video now apparently shows, roulette is just a facade. If you use the same ticket several times (which works by restarting the game before saving), you will find that we always seem to get exactly the same price for the tickets. For example, if we drew the lowest price the first time, this will probably also be the case in subsequent attempts with the same ticket. No matter what other possible prizes can be seen in the rotation. This suggests that these prizes are predetermined and related to the ticket, not the roulette draw.

Here you can see some experiments:

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Although these are only three attempts at a time, it is very striking that exactly the same prize is won every time. Also in the comments below this video and similar posts there are many players who have had exactly the same experience, with many more draws.

The assumption is therefore very close that the winnings are fixed in advance and the whole roulette is just appearances and trappings. This makes sense, at least from the point of view that otherwise you could simply repeat the drawing by restarting it until you get the desired prize.

The chance of good prices is low anyway: Some fans report winning bigger, more valuable things a few times, but apparently only very rarely. Accordingly, most assume there is around a 95% chance of always getting the smallest, least valuable prize in roulette draws. However, the better prizes were also awarded before the last patch or update 1.13.

How is your experience with roulette in Gran Turismo 7 so far? Have you ever won something big?