Gucci goes into e-sports – luxury brand plans to enter gaming

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The luxury fashion company Gucci enters the gamer business. Together with FACEIT they want to promote e-sports talents. There are many CS:GO personalities.

Florence – Attention fashion lovers and CS:GO nerds: Gucci and FACEIT are joining forces and starting a joint e-sports project. Young gaming talents are to be promoted. In particular, great importance is attached to the psychological aspect of gaming. But it is also about promotion within the games and personal marketing. The CS:GO players are selected directly by FACEIT and could be drafted by e-sports teams – will you be among the lucky ones soon?

fashion company Gucci
Fashion Luxury clothing and accessories
founding 1921
online platform FACEIT
users 26 million
name of the program Gucci Gaming Academy

Gucci Gaming Academy: merger of the fashion brand with FACEIT

What happened? The Italian luxury fashion brand Gucci and the online gaming platform FACEIT join forces and jointly found the Gucci Gaming Academy. The aim is to promote young gaming talents in the game Counter Strike: Global Offensive and introduce them to the profession of gaming pros. The Academy is intended to pave the way for young players to professional e-sports, as in traditional sports. It is particularly about the support provided by psychologists who are supposed to help the young gamers.

Gucci Gaming Academy: Gucci and FACEIT train young CS:GO talents.

© Gucci Gaming Academy/Gucci/FACEIT

What is being done? In the course of mental health, we work together with the World Health Organization (WHO). The commissioned psychologists should prepare the players for certain situations. “Performance under stress”, “How to deal with being in the spotlight” and “Teamwork” are at the forefront. But personal development and branding should not be neglected either. Within the Academy there will therefore be courses that deal with player contracts and personal marketing, for example.

How to participate: Within games, of course, not only the mindset has to be right – first of all the skills have to fit. Professional coaches improve the players’ performance and teach them a wide variety of strategies within their games. Do you also want to be there? The players participating in the Gucci Gaming Academy are selected by FACEIT. Therefore, you should draw attention to yourself with exceptional performance on the FACEIT servers. According to Gucci and FACEIT, anyone who slips into the Academy has a good chance of being scouted by a professional team.

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Gucci Gaming Academy: Gucci and FACEIT come together – an unusual combination

CS:GO Coaching: The combination of luxury fashion company and gaming platform is not directly accessible. Gucci was founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921 and is one of the most famous fashion companies in the world. FACEIT on the other hand is the biggest gaming platform ever – with over 26 million users. They provide servers for League of Legends, Dota 2, Overwatch and most notably Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). CS:GO will initially be the main focus of the Gucci Gaming Academy.

Gucci Gaming Academy: GeT_RiGhT and James Bardolph are Ambassadors.

© Gucci Gaming Academy

These are the Ambassadors: The ambassadors of the Gucci Gaming Academy have also already been determined – CS:GO fans should be wide-eyed by now at the latest. The Academy will be represented by none other than caster legend James Bardolph, CS:GO veteran Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund and trailblazer for women in e-sports Stephanie “missharvey” Harvey. in the great Gucci Gaming Academy announcement video in the style of the Grand Budapest Hotel, all three ambassadors even play along.

Rubric list image: © Gucci Gaming Academy/Gucci/FACEIT