Hogwarts Legacy: Real magic feeling thanks to DualSense

“Feel the magic” is what the latest trailer says Hogwarts legacy. The much-anticipated Action RPG should be released at the end of 2022 and for the proud owners of Next gen consoles contain some extra features.

Chandler Wood, community manager of WB Games avalanchesrevealed in a recent article in PlayStationBlog details of the new, immersive gaming experience in Hogwarts legacy.

Accordingly, the DualSense controller should serve as an “extension of your magic wand”. In plain language, this means that you with every spellwhich you perform, one perceive resistance can. The wand actions were specifically designed by the development team for the right side of the controller laid – as Extension of the magic wand just.

thanks to the adaptive triggers and des haptic feedback that appears Gaming intuitive and more real and thereby also allow you more flexibility in combat.

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Right in the middle of Hogwarts Legacy thanks to DualSense

Of the Wand isn’t the only item thoughwhich you can feel with the DualSense controller, as Wood further reveals:

“With the DualSense controller, you can experience a variety of events throughout the game world. Whether it’s crushing ingredients with a mortar and pestle in Potions class, screeching a mandrake seedling, flying through the air on a broomstick or hippogriff, the DualSense is your connection to magic on PS5.”

Also, there is one personalized LED lighting of the controller. Depending on which one Hogwarts house belongs to you, the light pulses in the corresponding colors when you are not in action.

If you belong to Griffindor, the LED will glow scarlet and gold; for Slytherin in green and silver. If you are part of Ravenclaw, you can enjoy blue and bronze and with Hufflepuff you can enjoy yellow and black.

Hogwarts legacyHogwarts Legacy surprises with an ASMR video

Hogwarts Legacy: Sound, graphics and loading times

That was not all. That PlayStation 5 3D audio promises a downright Immerse yourself in the background noise from Hogwarts Legacy.

“Hear the fire crackle as you cast Incendio; Potions bubbling in cauldrons and the uniquely detailed soundscapes of each environment to make you feel truly present.”

This should be best via headphoneslet r experience. who instead through the speaker plays, gets the additional noiseslike the flapping of a hippogriff’s wings, over the DualSense speaker delivered.

With regard to the graphic can you between different modes Select. On the one hand there is the fidelity mode for a higher resolution, on the other hand performance mode for more efficiency and a higher frame rate.

Finally, it is about the loading times. the Ultra high speed SSD should ensure short loading times. Furthermore, the activity cards and the game help function the PS5 supports.


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