iPhone with USB Type-C: 2023 could be the day [Update: Air Pods Pro 2]

iPhone 14: Apple is said to be planning an expensive selfie camera.  (1)

Original article from May 15, 2022: So far, Apple has staunchly resisted USB Type-C, but the bastion seems to be falling with the iPhone too. In the case of tablets, the connection was already changed in the course of the last product changeover and, according to information from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone could finally be changed over in 2023. The EU will hardly change its position that mobile devices of all stripes should be standardized in order to ultimately save electronic waste.

Kuo says an iPhone with USB-C will appear in the second half of 2023. Based on Apple’s habit, the iPhone 14 is likely to arrive this fall – which would mean the iPhone 15 will ditch Lightning in favor of USB-C.

Apple had long put up strong resistance, claiming that Lightning was established and, on the other hand, that regulation harmed innovation. The crux of the matter: Lightning really shouldn’t have existed at all, because as early as 2009 the industry agreed with the EU on Micro-USB as the cable standard – just not Apple, which then came up with Lightning in 2012. This was possible because everyone except Apple agreed with a handshake and so no regulation by legal text was necessary.

And so Apple was already lamenting the unloved USB Type-C with Power Delivery in 2020: Apple argued that (back then) there were around 900 million active iPhones worldwide and that they used Apple’s own charging connection. According to the group, not being allowed to use this anymore would stifle innovation more than it would promote it. According to Apple, if the Lightning connector can no longer be installed, millions of devices would become incompatible. In this case, however, it looks as if the EU Commission has won the “Stare Contest” and Apple has already given in for the first time with the iPad Pro, which first appeared in 2019 with USB Type-C. The iPad Air followed in 2020.

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