Modern Warfare 2: release date known – announcement with spectacular trailer

Modern Warfare 2: release date known – announcement with spectacular trailer

Activision has revealed the release date for Modern Warfare 2, the next main title in the Call of Duty series, with a spectacular trailer. see for yourself

Santa Monica, California – This year, Activision’s popular Call of Duty shooter series is getting an annual spin-off. Modern Warfare 2, as the new CoD 2022 is called, is eagerly awaited by numerous players and fans. For one thing, Modern Warfare is generally the most popular sub-series for many. On the other hand, Modern Warfare 2 ties directly to the successful reboot from 2019 – for many the best CoD title so far. And recently we also know when Modern Warfare 2 will appear.

name of the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (unconfirmed)
release TBA
Publishers Activision
Row Call of Duty
developer Infinity Ward
platform PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC (unconfirmed)
genre First person shooter

Modern Warfare 2: Release Date Revealed – When will the new Call of Duty 2022 appear?

Modern Warfare 2 release date announced: Many have been waiting eagerly for this and now Activision has finally let the cat out of the bag – the official release date for the new CoD 2022 has been set! Modern Warfare 2 will be released on October 28, 2022.

Check out the trailer here: The whole thing didn’t just come out on Twitter or in a dry blog, but was raised on a gigantic scale with the help of a spectacular trailer. The new official artwork was put together piece by piece with the help of acrobatic drone shots. At the end the release date was presented.

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But since words can never describe it as well as moving pictures – see for yourself:

Modern Warfare 2: A First Look at the Protagonists91571735

The trailer reveals: In the course of the trailer, not only the official artwork of Modern Warfare 2 was revealed, but also the main characters of the sequel. It refers to:

  • Captain Price
  • Ghost (Simon Riley)
  • Gaz (Kyle Garrick)
  • Soap (John MacTavish)
  • Colonel Alejandro Vargas

And as you can see: In principle, almost all the important cult characters of the Modern Warfare series are included, but with Colonel Vargas there is also a fresh face. Here again all 5 at a glance:

Modern Warfare 2: More exciting information about the new CoD 2022

Also interesting: Modern Warfare 2 has been making more and more headlines lately. If you are interested in more than just the release date – here we have summarized some of the currently most exciting articles about the upcoming Call of Duty 2022 for you:

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