Netflix is ​​getting 3 new games today – how can I even play there?

Netflix is ​​getting 3 new games today – how can I even play there?

Netflix announced today, May 25, 2022, that the streaming service is getting 4 new games. Three of these games are already available today and these are not the first games on the platform. But how do you even play games on Netflix?

What games is Netflix adding? Netflix is ​​adding three new games to its lineup today, May 25, 2022. These are Dragon Up, Moonlighter and Townsmen: A Kingdom Rebuilt. The release of the fourth game, Exploding Kittens, will follow on May 31, 2022.

Requirements to Play Netflix Games

Do I need a Neflix subscription to play? In order to be able to play a game on Netflix, an active subscription to the streaming service is required. You play the games through your Netflix account and Netflix profile.

As with series and movies, the Netflix games can be downloaded and played on different devices with the same account. It is not possible to download the games with the child profiles.

If you have reached the device limit and received notification from Netflix, you must log out on an unused device to free up a slot.

Since an active Netflix subscription is required to play, the included games do not contain any advertising or additional costs in the form of in-app purchases.

What devices can I play Netflix games on? The games that Netflix has in its repertoire can only be played on mobile devices with the iOS or Android system.

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The Netflix games are not playable on a TV, laptop or PC. The same applies to game consoles with the Netflix app. This means that playing Netflix games on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, for example, is not possible.

The Netflix games can be played on the following mobile device types:

  • Android smartphones (with Android 8.0 or higher)
  • Android tablets (running Android 8.0 or higher)
  • iPhone(iOS 15 or higher)
  • iPad (iPadOS 15 or higher)
  • iPod touch (OS/iPadOS 15 or higher)

Netflix Is Officially Getting Into Gaming And Launching With Mobile – What That Could Mean

Installation on Android and iOS devices

How do I install Netflix games on my device? To play a Netflix game, you must install the Netflix app on a compatible device and sign in with your active Netflix subscription.

Then select the “Games” section in the Netflix app. You should find this at the bottom of your screen in the left corner. The “Games” section is located right next to the “Home” tab.

If you have discovered an interesting game in the “Games” area, click on it. A presentation of the respective game with trailers, a description and various images then opens.

You can now either share this game with your friends via WhatsApp, Instagram or similar services via “Share” on the right side of the screen or download it using the “Download game” button.

Clicking on “Download Game” will open the “Google Play” store on Android devices with the game’s store page. In addition to the USK approval, the number of downloads and the ratings, you will also see the “Install” button with which you then install the game on your device.

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The installation works similarly on iOS devices, with the difference that the App Store opens and you have to click on “Load” or the cloud symbol.

You can find the Netflix games in the tab we have circled in red called “Games”

In addition to a growing selection of mobile games, Netflix offers other exciting content for gamers. While RPG fans have been excited for The Witcher Season 2 for quite some time, we still have to wait for Arcane Season 2.

The series based on the hit title League of Legends was extremely well received by viewers, which is why fans of the series worried about a second season in April when Netflix announced that it would severely limit the budget for animated series.